Driving Growth on Marketplaces

A guide for fashion and lifestlye brands to successfully operate on marketplaces

The marketplace business in Europe is booming and has become a substantial part of the e-commerce revenue and profit for most fashion and lifestyle brands. For many brands, the marketplace seems to be the only way to deliver strong digital growth nowadays. However, marketplaces pose a risk to brands as much as they are an opportunity, especially in terms of competition and profitability.

In this guide...

…the eCommerce Competence Center of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions together with Dr. Felix Kreyer from Digital Spike provide decision-making support for brands to navigate through the numerous questions and challenges in the marketplace world.

In four chapters, the most relevant criteria to answer the key questions of defining a marketplace strategy will be covered, which are:

  • Where to play?
  • What to offer?
  • How to run it?
  • Who should manage it?

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Michael Schröder

Michael Schröder

Business Development Manager

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