The Era of Digital B2B Commerce Starts Now


One Market, a Myriad of Requirements

Two experts, 10 opinions. In no other branch are the views on digitalization so diverse as in the area of B2B eCommerce.

In this joint white paper from Spryker and Friends of C., we wanted to take a look if current, generally accepted B2B concepts have staying power. These include first and foremost the customer focus, and an increasing technical transformation of the companies themselves – including specifically in the area of software where a move away from slow SAP/IBM systems is making room for modular, individual solutions.

This study discusses the following questions:

Market analysis: where does the market stand at the moment, which dynamics can be observed, and what roll does Amazon Business play?

Case example: What direction have B2B companies gone in their digitalization journey, and what did they learn on the way?

Implementation: Can we take the learnings out of one digital project and transfer them directly onto another, and what are the measures of a successful digital project?


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Michael Schröder

Michael Schröder

Business Development Manager