e-commerce expansion

Benchmarking study

Opportunities and Threats in Beauty, Fashion, FMCG and Luxury

In a time of unprecedented growth in e-commerce, companies are increasingly competing over new opportunities in international markets. Establishing a new e-commerce presence, or expanding an
existing one, is a considerable challenge. Successful implementation requires a large amount of technical skill, market knowledge, analytics as well as supply chain expertise.

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...where opportunities lie for retailers looking to expand?
And to what extent do companies expect to seek external assistance for international expansion?

The survey was completed by 93 industry executives with job titles including Head of eCommerce, Director eCommerce, Managing Director and Vice President of Digital Commerce – this report presents the survey’s findings about: 

  • outsourcing trends
  • most outsourced service
  • luxury abroad
  • omnichannel operation


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Michael Schröder

Michael Schröder

Business Development Manager