Does crosschannel commerce still have a chance?

A study from EY Parthenon and Arvato SCM Solutions

The King is dead. Long live the King!

Why are multichannel businesses lagging behind? Do they even have a chance to win the loyalty of customers when pitted against the powerful internet Pureplays?

In this study...

...we try to answer the question why companies who implement multichannel concepts are often not reaping the desired benefits and how, with the use of structured competitive advantages, they can edge out single-channel competitors.

Insights from the study were taken from a representative survey of more than 1,500 customers in Germany, as well as extensive sales and revenue data from selected multichannel clients.

We asked customers about their concrete purchasing behaviours in multichannel relevant goods categories, and drew conclusions on preferences and patterns of behavior.

Additionally we took a look at an actual case study on how much potential crosschannel stock management could offer, and how much revenue is still being lost by the majority of the multichannel businesses.


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Michael Schröder

Michael Schröder

Business Development Manager