November 10, 2015 Press reports

New e-Commerce report unveils how e-retailers can succeed in the German market

Guidebook to shape export strategy by Arvato

Guetersloh – A new guide to help firms take advantage of the opportunity offered in the German e-retail market, the second largest in Europe, has been launched by supply chain management and e-commerce service provider Arvato SCM Solutions in cooperation with IMRG, the UK’s industry association for online retail.

The guidebook, titled ‘Germany Passport’, predicts the market will achieve 15 percent year-on-year growth in 2015 – reaching a value of €47 billion – and focuses on the key cultural differences that foreign e-retailers should fully understand before entering the market. These include German customers’ adherence to open invoicing – which allows ‘try before buy’ behaviour, the expectation of free returns and consumers’ high sensitivity to data protection.
In addition, the report highlights the high service expectations of German consumers – 14 per cent demand a one to two day delivery service. Advice for e-retailers on marketing, finance and payments, legal issues, fraud and risk management, logistics and delivery in Germany is also included to help companies shape their export strategy.

Niels Weithe, Managing Director Consumer Products, Arvato SCM Solutions, commented; “As well as focusing on their home markets European retailers are looking to the fast growing German e-Commerce market. It is very attractive in particular for companies in the fashion, beauty, luxury and fast moving consumer goods industry. The German market offers excellent opportunities for entering and expanding, but is also challenging. The guidebook titled ‘Germany Passport’ helps inform about the national characteristics and answers all essential questions to open up this key market in Europe.”

About Arvato SCM Solutions:
Arvato SCM Solutions is an innovative and leading international service provider in supply chain management and e-commerce. In the fields of telecommunication, high-tech | entertainment, automotive | bank | insurance, healthcare, consumer products and publishing, Arvato SCM Solutions is offering specialised services. Approximately 14,000 employees worldwide work to provide services and practical solutions. Using the latest digital technologies, Arvato develops, operates and streamlines complex global supply chains and commerce platforms, making it a strategic growth partner for its customers. Arvato SCM links people’s know-how with the right technologies and suitable business processes to measurably increase the productivity and performance of its partners.

As leading European service provider in the e-commerce fashion sector, the business unit Consumer Products has been taking care of all required processes for renowned fashion and beauty brands for more than 15 years. Arvato’s brand-specific service portfolio covers both retail logistics and the entire commerce process chain: implementation and operation of online shops, product photography, online marketing, logistics and shipping including returns management as well as payments and accounting, customer service and commerce consulting.

With 60 distribution hubs in Europe, Russia, Asia and the US, Arvato SCM Solutions provides the necessary scalability, flexibility and experience to give their customers the decisive competitive edge.
Arvato is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA

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