July 2, 2020 Press reports

Arvato takes over logistics and fulfillment for Eyup Sabri Tuncer in Turkey

Guetersloh/Istanbul – Following the emergence of the first Corona cases in Turkey in March 2020, the demand for disinfectants, soaps and protective masks exploded. There was also a real run on the scented water Kolonya, the Turkish version of Eau de Cologne (German: Kölnisch Wasser), which was being used by consumers for hand disinfection due to its high alcohol content. Since the scented water sold out quickly in most shops, online orders for the Turkish cosmetics brand Eyup Sabri Tuncer, which manufactures the product, increased rapidly. In order to cope with this increase in volume, the company made a quick decision to hand over its logistics and fulfillment to Arvato Supply Chain Solutions.

Order processing, including last-mile delivery, is managed from the Arvato location on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. "Since the people in Turkey were quarantined and have had to work in home office, Eyup Sabri Tuncer has received thousands of orders within a very short time," explains Umur Ozkal (Managing Director at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in Turkey). "As a result, the daily volume increased tenfold, which meant that timely processing of customer orders was often no longer possible." In mid-March the cosmetics brand brought Arvato Supply Chain Solutions onboard. Due to the strict COVID-19 prevention measures, all conversations were carried out over Skype. Due to the fact that a flexible Plug & Play-capable IT system was immediately ready for use, agile IT support was available to deal with operational problems, and the teams were committed to working closely together, the first order was delivered within 11 days on March 23 after a short testing phase. "In addition to their normal duties, everyone involved made an extra effort to complete a diverse range of tasks - also in the knowledge that they were making an important contribution to protecting the health of Turkish people," added Umur Ozkal. "This was particularly visible from our warehouse employees working at goods receipt, picking, packaging and shipping."

The quick implementation was also possible because processes at the 15,000 square meter site are all completely geared to the needs of online trading. The 150 Arvato employees on site already support other E‑Commerce customers in the areas of home decoration, technology, cosmetics, textiles and FMCG.

In the meantime, Turkish consumers across the country can depend on receiving their online shop order of Kolonya timely from the Arvato location. Eyup Sabri Tuncer chose not to raise the sales price for the product in the Corona crisis. Besides, the company contributed to the Coronavirus Aid Packages sent by The Republic of Turkey to more than 100 countries, older people and health care providers, as a leading cosmetic and hygiene brand in Turkey. The company, founded in 1923, was the first cologne brand to develop its own composition using raw materials from Turkey. Eyup Sabri Tuncer is also a pioneer in the area of ​​online shopping, being the first cosmetic brand in Turkey to offer its products on the internet. Today, their portfolio includes around 650 products that are not only offered nationally, but in numerous foreign markets including Germany. The offer ranges from fragrances and perfumes to cosmetics as well as offerings of personal care products and household cleaners.


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