April 19, 2021 Press reports

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions and Hypertrust Patient Data Care join forces

Gütersloh/Munich – Arvato Supply Chain Solutions and Hypertrust Patient Data Care (HPDC) have started a strategic partnership. Together, they offer a combined and fully integrated solution for Cell & Gene therapy manufacturers. The solution helps to orchestrate advanced and personalized therapies out of one hand. With this partnership, the companies offer a turnkey solution that provides manufacturers to receive all order-2-cash services as well as an integrated IT platform to manage advanced therapies and its involved participants.

Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) that are individually tailored for each patient offer groundbreaking new opportunities to treat serious and often rare diseases and disorders. The aim is to develop medicines that are based on human genes, tissues or cells to initiate processes for regeneration. “For pharmaceutical manufacturers, these therapy processes are costly to manage and difficult to control. Complex and patient-centric processes as well as numerous stakeholders require new supply chain strategies”, explains Dr. Thorsten Winkelmann, President Healthcare of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions.

“Managing complexity, driving automation and achieving transparency are the biggest challenges pharmaceutical companies face when they scale an advanced therapy from clinical trial to full commercialization. Arvato and HPDC tackle this challenge by bringing an end-2-end-offering to the market”, explains Andreas Göbel, CEO of Hypertrust Patient Data Care. The joint solution creates a unique environment enabling manufacturers to reduce and manage process complexity with highest quality standards based on a harmonized and fully integrated IT platform.

Arvato’s Cell & Gene Orchestration Platform is based on Hypertrust Patient Data Care’s cloud solution technology and addresses the need for safe, seamless and transparent processes. It ensures chain-of-identity (CoI) and chain-of-custody (CoC) across manufacturers, apheresis centers, logistics service providers and all other stakeholders. It is highly configurable and allows customers to grow and scale in every stage of the product life cycle – no matter if it is an allogenic or autologous therapy.

Complementing the Cell & Gene Orchestration Platform, Arvato successfully supports manufacturers with other operational services to deliver therapies to patients from a single source. These include, for example:

  • Operational case managers support clients and key stakeholders by navigating through the complexities of therapy delivery. They align all stakeholders, such as the collection-, manufacturing- and infusion-centers and troubleshoot in unexpected situations to ensure a seamless and frictionless process.
  • Arvato’s logistics site network is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and supports customers’ cold-chain requirements from cryogenic to ambient. The professional staff brings a depth of expertise and understanding in the handling, storage, tracking and distribution of the clients ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products).
  • Arvato’s transport management capabilities are globally available and provide customized transport solutions. The required delivery service uses validated carriers. Clients benefit from Arvato’s partnerships with specialized carriers for Cell & Gene requirements and its international network with more than 150 carriers.
  • Even with advanced therapies there is the desire to manage financial flows. Arvato’s financial services include dispatch of invoices, accounts receivable management, dunning and factoring. All services are always provided on behalf of the manufacturer.

“This fully integrated solution enables manufacturers to receive all necessary services out of one hand on one central platform. Our true end-2-end setup provides the right services, processes and orchestration platform that enable successful therapy delivery to increase quality of life”, says Dr. Thorsten Winkelmann, President Healthcare.

About Arvato Supply Chain Solutions:
Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is an innovative and international leading service provider in the field of supply chain management and e-commerce. Partners come together with industry specialists in the fields of Telecommunication, Hightech, Entertainment, Corporate Information Management, Healthcare, Consumer Products and Publisher. About 15,000 employees work together to provide practical and relevant solutions and services worldwide. Using the latest digital technology, Arvato develops, operates and optimizes complex global supply chains and e-commerce platforms, as the strategic growth partner for its customers. Arvato combines the know-how of its employees with the right technology and appropriate business processes to measurably increase the productivity and performance of its partners.

For more information, please visit www.arvato-supply-chain.com 

Arvato’s Healthcare business
We believe that healthcare systems, sales channels and distribution chains undergo constant change to ensure patients derive the greatest benefit from innovative and existing pharmaceuticals and medical products at the most reasonable costs. We support you in making this happen! Arvato integrates healthcare know-how, industry knowledge and broad understanding of processes and IT systems to develop bespoke outsourcing solutions. Our clients benefit from seamlessly integrated order-2-cash solutions, which connect them to the point of care, bringing them closer to their patients.

More information is available at https://arvato-supply-chain.com/en/industry-solutions/healthcare/cell-gene-therapy 

About Hypertrust Patient Data Care
Hypertrust Patient Data Care (HPDC) provides specialized solutions and consulting services to optimize the supply chain of Advanced & Personalized Therapies. Hypertrust X-Chain enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to set-up, orchestrate, operate and scale-up a frictionless supply chain that ensures highest data security based on latest technology, decentralization and pharmaceutical standards. HPDC products and services support all product lifecycle stages from pre-clinical trials to commercialization. With HPDC’s broad supplier and service provider ecosystem, companies can accelerate the setup of their Advanced & Personalized Therapy supply chain processes. Hypertrust is a spin-off of CAMELOT Consulting Group.
More information: https://www.hypertrust-patient.com 

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