April 5, 2018 Press reports

Arvato and C & A are developing new cartons for the e-commerce business

Gütersloh, April 5, 2018 – Arvato SCM Solutions and C & A have jointly developed a new packaging solution for shipping fashion items in the online business. So far, cartons have already been automatically cut to the actual size required, which saves costs on the material and optimizes shipping, as less air is transported. Now, the lid has been redesigned, and is fixed to the back and front of the carton after being positioned. The punched tear strip on the front of the lid enables easy opening as well as re-closing in case of a return of the package. The cardboard itself, which adeptly displays C & A branding on all sides, is made from unbleached recycled material.

"We have noticed that many of our customers are not sure where to open packages," says Knut Brüggemann, Head of E-Commerce Operations at C & A. "That's why we analysed our packaging concept together with Arvato and developed a more functional design that now displays our C & A branding even more prominently."

Efficient use of materials saves costs

But not only simple handling and an appealing design are required for modern packaging solutions. Sustainability also plays an increasingly important role against the backdrop of steadily increasing transport volumes in online commerce. For this reason, C & A not only uses recycled materials in its cardboard packaging, but also uses as little material and space as possible to protect the environment: for this reason, the cardboard is automatically cut to the correct size before the package is sealed.

In practice, this process is as follows: after the articles have been picked and automatically pre-sorted for the customer’s order, an employee at the shipping packing station checks the ordered goods for completeness and packs all articles in a prepared cardboard base. After that, the open carton is transported to the sealing machine by means of conveyor technology that is equipped with both photo and video documentation as well as weight determination. After the delivery papers and a return label have been automatically attached to the packaging, a pressure-sensitive unit measures the box filling height. Once this has been determined, the cardboard is reduced at the corners to the exact size in millimetres by means of cutting knives and is then glued to the newly developed cardboard lid.

Through this cutting process, less filler material such as air cushioning is needed because the cut-down material remains in the carton as a space filler. In addition, adhesive material is saved because, thanks to the innovative cover, only an adhesive strip for closing a return shipment is required at the most.

A further environmental aspect: "If the boxes contain less air, they require less space on the truck. This reduces the transport volume by around 250 truck journeys per year. Not only does this benefit the environment through less CO2 pollution, but also the consumer who has less packaging material to dispose of," explains Michael Sorge, site manager of the 45,000 m2 Arvato distribution centre in Hannover-Langenhagen, from where C & A customers in 20 European countries will soon be supplied. “Space-saving packaging brings the requirements of environmental compatibility, resource avoidance, damage limitation and customer experience into an optimal relationship."

About C & A Europe

With more than 1,500 stores in 18 countries all over Europe and more than 35,000 employees, C & A is one of Europe's leading fashion retailers. Every day, C & A welcomes more than two million visitors to its stores, offering quality fashion at affordable prices for the whole family. In addition to its European stores, C & A is also present in Brazil, Mexico and China.

For more information, please visit www.c-a.com

About Arvato SCM Solutions

Arvato SCM Solutions is an innovative and international leading service provider in the field of supply chain management and e-commerce. Partners come together with industry specialists in the fields of Automotive, Banks, Insurances, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Hightech, Entertainment, Publishing and Telecommunication. More than 14,000 employees work together to provide practical and relevant solutions and services worldwide. Using the latest digital technology, Arvato develops, operates and optimizes complex global supply chains and e-commerce platforms, as the strategic growth partner for its customers. Arvato SCM Solutions combines the knowhow of its employees with the right technology and appropriate business processes to measurably increase the productivity and performance of its partners.

As a leading European full-service e-commerce, omnichannel and retail logistics service provider; Arvato SCM Solutions has worked in the Consumer Products segment with world-renowned fashion, beauty and FMCG brands for over 15 years. Arvato’s brand-specific service portfolio covers retail logistics, omnichannel and the entire e-commerce process chain: development of online shops, frontend management, mobile app, B2B & B2C logistics and shipping including returns management as well as financial services, customer service and e-commerce consulting.

With 70 distribution hubs in Europe, Russia, Asia and the US, Arvato SCM Solutions provides the necessary scalability, flexibility and experience to give their customers the decisive competitive edge.

Arvato is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann.

For more information, please visit scm.arvato.com.

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