Only to repair is not enough...

What is Circular-Economy-Engineering?

Circular-Economy-Engineering is an economic system in which products and services are traded in closed "cycles". Circular-Economy-Engineering is also referred to as the renewable economy, which aims to maximize the value of products and materials. Our focus at Arvato is to create this system that is sustainable and highly efficient. We refurbish technical hardware and bring it back into circulation.  


  • Maximum product availability, reduced costs and capital commitment
  • High satisfaction at your customers 
  • Arvato ReCommerce platform for an effective End-of-Life Process 
  • Transparency and reliable quality management

Circular-Economy-Engineering requires not only system thinking, but also optimized services

Economy-Engineering out of one hand

Our Arvato ReCommerce platform closes cycles

We solve the End-of-Life processes elegant and efficient

Positive effects of the End-of-Life process 

  • Worldwide buyer network for second-hand goods and overstock

  • Additional revenue

  • Effort and cost reduction

  • Transparent processes 

  • Sustainability

  • Optimized sales channels for risk minimization

  • Modular structure of our recommerce-services
    • Valuation
    • Coordination
    • Transition of the products
    • Pre-Check 
    • Auction
    • Completion

Automated hardware testing & service solutions

  • RMA (return merchandise authorization) webportal offers order creation for B2B traders incl. status updates
    • Four services are conceivable: Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) cases, warranty cases, paid orders, advanced replacements
  • Goods receipt and screening incl. semi-automated testing for identification of NFF (No-Failure-Found) cases
  • Organisation and management of a swap pool 
  • Fast shipping to the customer 
  • Cost estimate handling: Billing based on flat rates
Automated router tests
Router testing - final testing
Automated services

The most important and cross-industry information on all Arvato solutions can be found here:

All solutions at a glance


> 5 Million

Warranty cases go through the Arvato logistics locations every year


Arvato Supply Chain Solutions received the Preferred Quality Supplier Award from Intel

> 8000 data fields

from all parts of the process can be recorded and analyzed

We are planning long term!

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Alexandra Jahn

Alexandra Jahn

Global Business Development