End-to-End Solutions for your Supply Chain

Intelligent Supply Chain solutions out of one hand

23,000,000,000 devices are already connected, and counting! 

Everyday products go online, the trend is increasing. In today’s world telecommunication technology is omnipresent. Be it through smart phones, connected wearables or the internet-of-things. This ever-expanding ecosystem has its own challenges and opportunities.

For over 25 years we have helped our partners being the pioneers in the telecommunication & IoT sector.

To allow our partners to focus on their core strengths, our integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions encapsulate everything from digital commerce, warehousing, to fulfilment, returns and transport management.

We enable pioneers through passion. Our focus is on people, innovation and internationality.

> 18 m. ft²

storage space worldwide

> 100 m.

dispatches and returns worldwide

85 locations


Further additional services that we take over for you



  • Specialized processes for many industries including in-house e-commerce consulting
  • Standardized or advanced features that perfectly match to your specific needs
  • Integrated goods flow of returns into the distribution processes
  • Modular and comprehensive service solution
  • Planning and forecasting for dynamic markets
  • Sourcing & design of packaging material, customization of hardware and software
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Transparent overview

Product-ID Management

  • Transparent serial number management
  • Detailed inventory tracking
  • Efficient bench management 
  • Complete insight into the whole process
  • Fast and innovative inventory management
  • Highest IT performance and data security standards
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    We keep it smart


    • We close cycles to make the best possible use of products and resources along the whole supply chain
    • Technical testing, licensed preparation, disposal process
    • Transfer proprietary software
    • Customer care in case of damage and warranty cases
    • Active reduction of tied capital
    • Global master data model
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    Your individual concept solution

    Bridge to Europe

    • A fast and uncomplicated rollout into the European market
    • Establishment of a customer contact center with all important European languages 
    • The complete end-to-end process out of one hand
    • Hypercare and constant improvement of all services
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    A selection of our references in the fields of Telecommunication, IoT and Connected Home

    Lower costs, higher customer satisfaction and flexibility

    One Day Dock-to-Stock

    Sustainable, transparent and fast solutions

    Technical innovation

    Continuous investment in technology and automation

    Passionately agile

    Willingness to invest and adapt to the market and speed of action

    Global Distribution

    We offer locations that are strategically placed along your supply chain. Our global network is able to respond dynamically to developing market demands and changing consumer needs. We understand the challenges of international markets. 

    Here you can find out more about us!

    Our distribution center in Landsberg
    Our Arvato Location in Marienfeld
    E-Commerce at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions
    Arvato continues to expand its logistics center
    Omnichannel at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

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    Marcus Karten

    Marcus Karten

    Vice President Global Business Development