Arvato's business unit Hightech & Entertainment has launched a brand new LinkedIn series named #TechOnTrack. As part of this online series Andreas Barth is posting articles on a quarterly base, dealing with current hot topics of the Consumer Electronics industry, as well as supply chain and ecommerce related topics.

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No two days are the same

The COVID-19 crisis presents unprecedented and extraordinary challenges for us all, but through team work and a sense of comradeship we have established an ability to respond to rapid and unprecedented change. Having worked in the Logistics industry for almost 20 years, one of my key takeaways during this period, is that no two days are ever the same. This being one of the many reasons as to why I love my profession.

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Trade Compliance: Why Boring is Good

When it comes to trade compliance, boring is good. To properly manage trade compliance on a global scale there is an enormous amount of tedious detail, process and documentation that must be dealt with. Trade compliance is often overlooked and undervalued by companies, perhaps because it is difficult to manage the mundane details of regulations that are constantly changing. While operations, sales and finance get all the glory, trade compliance is the foundation that is only noticed when there is a problem.

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What’s Next for Value-Added Services in Consumer Electronics?

Customers buying consumer electronics (CE) have high expectations. When they are ready to buy, they expect the product to be readily available, at the right price and with specifications that are very close to the individual perceives as optimal. If your company can’t satisfy the customer, your competition will. To succeed in this difficult and competitive market, CE brands must develop highly responsive supply chains...

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E-commerce Blueprint: Developing a Path to Success

Online sales are exploding. Sometimes, though, it is in a mushroom cloud of customer frustration.  When I order a big screen television for my Super Bowl party and it is delivered a week late, it’s a safe bet I won’t be a return customer. It’s got to be done right...

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5 Keys to Driving Supply Chain Innovation in the Tech Industry

Innovation and ingenuity require the proper environment to flourish. The tech industry understands this; having built its own success on innovation, the tech industry is looking for logistics partners who do as well. Only a company that promotes a culture stimulating innovation will be able to deliver the ever-improving results required by this ever-changing industry. A supply chain management company that values innovation as much as its clients relies on five key elements to make sure it has an environment where innovation thrives...

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