Cold chain management

Flexible and Temperature-Controlled Transportation Worldwide

The European transport market exhibits a wide range of variation in terms of delivery deadlines, reliability, cold-chain services and – of course – costs. With access to more than 100 associated carriers, our carrier-independent transport management system (TMS) offers you flexible international transport options, by road, track, air and sea. At the same time, you will be benefiting from the buying power of a large logistics company.

Arvato offers the ideal logistics infrastructure for temperature-controlled warehousing and transporting thermosensitive pharmaceutical and medical products. Depending on your needs, we can store products at -80 ºC, -20 °C, +15 to +25 °C or +2 to +8 °C. A range of ingenious monitoring systems ensures that everything meets the necessary legal conditions and manufacturer requirements. We provide 24-hour emergency response to deliver critical medical supplies to where they are most needed.

Depending on your individual requirements, products can be actively cooled during transport and shipped by selected refrigerated carriers, or passively cooled in specially developed, validated transport packaging. Products are dispatched in compliance with GDP guidelines. Client orders are packed in designated picking areas in compliance with the most stringent quality standards before being released for shipment. We can guarantee a seamless maintenance of defined temperature ranges from the moment goods arrive in one of our distribution centres to the moment a shipment is received by the end customer. Here at Arvato, we do not depend on specific subcontractors for our supply of passive cooling systems or transport services when it comes to designing solutions for our clients. This flexibility ensures that we can always find the best possible solutions for individual clients’ needs.

Seamless track & trace processes throughout the whole shipping cycle allow us to determine whether a product has been or will be delivered to the consignee within the specified deadline.



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Andreas Olpeter

Vice President Sales & Business Development - Healthcare

Your Benefits

  • Warehousing and shipping in accordance with the GDP amendment from 2013
  • The ideal transport solution for your products and requirements
  • Seamless out of one hand: From the goods received  to the delivery at the end customer
  • All consignments consolidated and checked in a single invoice

Transportation Mode According to Customer and Country Specific Requirements

Seamless temperature control

Actively Cooled Transportation

  • Transport  in 'normal' cardboard boxes in temperature controlled trucks 
  • Local injections into national carriers´ networks
  • Milk-Runs (orders for multiple customers to be picked & packed at EDC and put on one truck to make a delivery  tour to end customer) 
  • Consistent temperature monitoring and continuous documentation 
  • Little packaging waste


Passively Cooled Transportation

  • Applies for countries where no actively cooled transportation is available or only small quantities are shipped to 
  • Transport in isolated boxes with 'regular' transport providers
  • Flexible use worldwide
  • Arvato can provide its own isolated boxes or suppliers´ boxes (more than 40 boxes with more than 52 configurations)
  • Full control of cold chain
  • Consistent temperature monitoring via temperature logger