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Integrated solutions for Cell & Gene Therapies

The healthcare industry is tremendously changing: Healthcare manufacturers and bio-tech companies are working on an increasing number of Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products (ATMP). This development is more than a change the industries is knowing form the past – it is more like a transformation of the entire patient journey that demands a completely new supply chain strategy where various participants collaborate and act as one team!

Integrated vein-to-vein logistics is in this fast-growing environment of Cell & Gene therapies one of the differentiating keys to success. The setup is as individual as every patient’s therapy in terms of transportation time, storage requirements, temperature control and handling sensitivity. Beside this, all involved stakeholders must ensure that everybody has the right information as the right time for their activities.

Based on our customers’ individual requirements, we design, implement and operate an efficient and patient-centric supply chain with the right IT platform that integrates processes and stakeholders.

Our solution differs significantly from conventional pharma supply chains.

Integrated healthcare order-2-cash logistics is our home turf. 

Since more than 20 years, the business unit Healthcare is Europe's leading partner and expert for highly integrated order-2-cash logistics solutions for pharma, bio-pharma and med-tech manufacturers out of one hand. We operate the entire supply chain for and on behalf of our Clients with one unified IT platform and QA system.

  • Multi-language Customer Service
  • Global temperature-controlled Warehousing, Manufacturing & Distribution Sites with more than 200,000 m²
  • Transport Management with integrations of >150 specialized carriers
  • Returns Management 
  • Financial Services

Based on this experience and knowledge, we now support your Cell & Gene Therapy – from patient registration to reimbursement – out of one hand.

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Andreas Olpeter

Vice President Sales & Business Development - Healthcare

We provide innovative integrated solutions for patient individual supply chains with digital applications and operational excellence that manage complexity and provide transparency to support key stakeholder.

Thorsten Winkelmann
President Healthcare

Integrated services for manufacturers of Cell & Gene Therapies

Manufacturers need to be supported along the entire patient journey

Cell & Gene therapies are highly complex processes with a lot of bureaucratic paperwork and many stakeholders that must be managed and streamlined. The supply chain is completely different compared to traditional pharma logistics. Therefore, new supply chain strategies must be implemented that give the rights answers to these changes and challenges:

Greater patient centricity

Digital exchange of information through involved parties

Tremendous high value treatments

100% Quality and no tolerance for failure

Patient individual & costly shipments

Experts and Partners who manage therapy

Vein-to-vein traceability

Digital tools to provide transparency

Connection of stakeholder

Streamlining all activities on one platform

High demand of agility

Make therapy processes as smooth as possible

This entire process - from order to reimbursement - needs to be designed as a “fully integrated service model”. Healthcare manufactures will only be able to scale commercialization of their Cell & Gene therapy when they reduce process complexity, increase transparency and care for quality & security. 

Arvato is the right partner for the healthcare industry and manufacturers of advanced & personalized therapies: Our true end-2-end solution provides the right services, processes and orchestration platform that enable successful therapy delivery to increase quality of life.

Our Solution supports manufacturers as well as key stakeholders

Arvato offers a fully-integrated order-2-cash business model for both healthcare providers and manufactures of Cell & Gene Therapies

Quality First

Our partners

Any failure within the supply chain of an ATMP can have the same impact on a patient’s life as a failure within the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is essential to have the right partners on board that support and ensure the successfully delivery of very critical shipments – whether in a clinical or in commercial environment.

Arvato has a network of specialized partners, who meet our high quality and process standards. The dedicated alliance ensures that we provide the best possible service to our customers in over 125 countries.

World Courier

World Courier has been managing cryo-shipments for over 20 years . The transportation and LN2 charging capabilities support our global approach for these life-changing therapies. Advanced therapy manufactures can immediately benefit from established and qualified operations with access to cryogenic transportation solutions close to patient and manufacturing locations. The network enables shorter lead times and reduced positioning costs.


Brooks provides the life sciences industry with the most comprehensive portfolio of sample management solutions, enabling to accelerate innovation and improve patient health. The Sample management infrastructure for automated storage and cryopreservation supports clients to store their ATMP in a safe and temperature controlled environment in our warehouses.

Hypertrust Patient Data Care

Hypertrust Patient Data Care (HPDC) provides (specialized) solutions and consulting services to optimize the supply chain of Advanced & Personalized Therapies. Hypertrust X-Chain enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to set-up, orchestrate, operate and scale-up a frictionless supply chain that ensures highest data security based on latest technology, decentralization and pharmaceutical standards.

With this operations setup Arvato's Clients gain advantages from:

  • Network & Partners
  • Digitized & Structured Processes
  • Stakeholder Integration & Reduction of Complexity
  • Ability to Scale & Grow 

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Andreas Olpeter

Andreas Olpeter

Vice President Sales & Business Development - Healthcare