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Welcome to Arvato's eCommerce Competence Center

The eCommerce Competence center (eCC) is an in-house consulting team of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions that advises brands & retailers to make the most of their potential in digital commerce.

As a leading e-commerce service provider, our eCC consultants support national and international brands & retailers on strategic topics such as e-commerce business models, management consulting, marketplace strategy, internationalization, webshop audits and overall operational improvements in e-commerce.

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Our Consulting Services

Our analysis provides a 360° view on a company’s potential in new geographic markets, competition analysis, dynamics, and country specifics that could affect sales.

Want to know how you perform against your industry competitors? We provide you with quarterly and annual insights about your web shop performance dynamics.

We conduct a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis, identify performance bottlenecks and provide specific optimization mechanisms.

We assist you in the development of omni-channel strategy to ensure that your customers enjoy a fully-integrated shopping experience.

An in-depth analysis, supported by our broad e-commerce expertise, that enables development of a tailor-made strategy for your optimal marketplace strategy.

After conducting a comprehensive analysis of your current performance, we provide you with customized solutions of how to improve your specific KPIs, e.g. conversion rates.

Your Benefits

Our excellent record speaks for itself, over the 10 years we have partnered with many local and global companies to help them achieve their goals.

  • As a leading Supply Chain provider, we take the “guesswork” out of consultancy.
  • Our advice is based on solid experience, cutting edge sustainable technologies at Arvato and access to our own market/consumer behaviour data.
  • No matter the size of your company or your target market, we have the data and expertise to support you. Chase your vision!
  • Agile and innovative solutions for adapting to changing market circumstances.
  • You will have access to an exclusive & quarterly benchmarking study that helps you gain an independent perspective about how well you perform in the market.
  • We focus on highly individual consulting services tailored for you and your time. We are flexible in digital & face-to-face communication.

Whitepapers and Analyses


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The eCC at a Glance

Our Consultants

Knowledge Is Power

Make your strategic agenda bullet-proof with our studies.

Offline is the new online!

Our view of marketplace used in each country.

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"In fulfillment and logistics, we see the growing use of Big Data, an increase in robotics for warehouse activities, the automation of processes, the use of artificial intelligence, and even the use of drones for delivery," says Nataliya Przystaw – managing director of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in Russia. Do you want to know more about this? Then join our free live-webinar!

When? 3rd of September 2020 at 1pm (CEST)

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Podcast #31

Marketplaces: Their importance for brands is growing all the time. But how should they be operated? And which strategy is the best? CC#31 is a special edition - A panel discussion at the Arvato eXperience Day.

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Commerce Corner Podcast

Michael Peters, Vice President Business Development, speaks with brands, distributors and digital pioneers about strategies, tactics, current topics and much more.

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Michael Schröder

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