Trends and success factors in e-commerce

What will online retail look like in 2021? We show you the trends!

A record year has come to an end for e-commerce, which has further accelerated various developments. But what trends can be expected in 2021 and beyond? Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has analyzed current developments and summarized the most important trends.

The convenient shopping process from the customer's point of view, the seemingly endless range of products, increasingly customer-friendly processes and, last but not least, the Corona pandemic have significantly driven e-commerce forward and made it an extremely profitable business for almost all industries. Seller fulfilled prime, multichannel or omnichannel, social selling, marketplace integration, merchant fulfillment, B2B e-commerce or direct to consumer - are the trends that currently define the market.


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Close to the market: Our industry experts in dialogue

"A brand with a marketplace presence gains more new customers in its own online store than it loses to the marketplace."

Franziska Kier, Head of eCommerce Competence Center (eCC), explains in an interview what impact omnichannel in fashion has on inventory management and what role marketplaces are playing in this.

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"A strong fulfillment is the basis for a successful online store, as is good marketplace integration.“

Marcus Karten, Vice President of global business development Tech, explains the e-commerce challenges tech manufacturers face and the solutions expected from fulfillment partners.

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"Omnichannel is ideal for unleashing and sustainably exploiting cross-selling potential in the automotive sector."

The automotive sector is increasingly aligning its sales with omnichannel. Dr. Stefan Hörnemann, Director Business Development & Strategy Automotive, on the challenges and opportunities.  

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"The industry is changing rapidly and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are increasingly looking for new, direct delivery models. And here, of course, fast and secure logistics play a crucial role."

Andreas Olpeter, Vice President Sales & Business Development Healthcare, explains in an interview with Fabian Kaske, Managing Director Dr. Fabian Kaske & Smile BI, which challenges are now facing the healthcare industry and which solutions we are strengthening in this regard.


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3 industries – similar patterns and customer expectations
Whether T-shirt, smartphone or car – social-economic trends and developments such as sustainability and individualization often shape different industries in similar ways, but at different speeds.

You want to know what challenges new sales strategies like direct-to-consumer pose for the fashion industry? Or are you interested in which sales channels are currently relevant for the automotive sector?

In our study series we compare different industries – fashion, electronics and automotive – and provide comprehensive information about the developments and their market maturity, as well as the customer’s motives behind them.

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Omnichannel can make your business stand out

The Corona pandemic changed many things for companies, including customer purchasing behaviour and a new role for your store network. As a result, the importance of having a strong omnichannel strategy geared to the specifi c wishes and needs of your customers and business partners has increased dramatically. Learn more about that in our Business Solution Paper!

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Omnichannel Trends in Transport Management

How is Transport Management responding to the new challenges posed by omnichannel?
In this interview, Berthold Reinke, Director Transport Management, looks at the developments and explains how Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is addressing them.

Omnichannel Architecture

All sales channels and touchpoints with the end customer must be interconnected so that the service is right in the end.

Connected Customer Experience - Why omnichannel matters for the shopping experience


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