All Services along the Order-to-Cash Cycle from one Source

International value chains are becoming increasingly complex. Within short time frames, goods are shipped around the globe. Highly demanding processes are required to control an interwoven network of goods and data flows and optimize them on an ongoing basis. The higher the number of different service providers involved in the supply chain, the more difficult the coordination task. When one service provider can take on all services along the order-to-cash cycle, this simplifies customers’ daily business by reducing effort, expense, and sources of error while saving money. Ultimately, consumers also benefit.

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions relies on a unique portfolio of knowledge acquired by working on the development of order-to-cash solutions for various sectors over many years. We are experts when it comes to logistics, fulfillment, e-commerce, payment management, customs issues, and much more. By combining these areas of excellence, we can provide our customers with solutions that no other company in the market can offer.

We help our customers to concentrate on their core competencies. For developing new markets, we provide the structures our customers need. Despite a high level of complexity, we enable customers to maintain a transparent overview of all aspects of the supply chain at all times, including evaluating the associated data.

A high level of efficiency in the implementation of order-to-cash processes has become a unique selling proposition of successful companies and leads to a stabilization of profitability and greater customer satisfaction.

Frank Schirrmeister
CEO Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Order-to-cash in pharma logistics

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has developed an order-to-cash model for a pharmaceutical logistics customer that sets new standards in this area. Initially, we used scalable structures to enable a smooth entry into the EMEA markets. We are now not only active for our customers in 83 countries, but also cover customer service in 13 different languages and take over complete payment management.

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One solution for all industries

In dynamic markets that are unfamiliar to a company, it often makes sense to have integrated process chains covered by experienced service providers when new sales channels (direct sales, e-commerce, etc.) must be developed, new products with their own sales channel requirements must be launched, new geographical markets must be opened up (e.g. Asian or American companies wanting to break into Europe), or existing logistics networks must be transformed, for example. The key is to reduce the complexity of the supply chain from the customer’s viewpoint and leverage the service provider’s know-how to save money and reap the benefits of speed

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Order-to-cash in the publishing sector

For 60 years, we have offered book publishers fully integrated solutions from ordering to payment. More than 200 publishers benefit from our unique order-to-cash model, which shapes the industry and continues to change with it.

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Order-to-Cash management

From ordering through customer service and data management to payment processing and returns - we offer all the components of the order-to-cash cycle and can create the perfect, individually tailored solution for each customer. Discover the perfect solution for your company!

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Optimized customer experience through order-to-cash solutions

In e-commerce, the perfect interplay of all individual parts of the order-to-cash cycle is crucial. From web development to payment management - everything has to mesh optimally to ensure a satisfied customer at the end of the day. We develop all processes along the supply chain from the end customer's point of view and always take their expectations into account. At every point in the entire supply chain, we ensure that your customers have the optimal customer experience and that the perfect shopping experience is the result.

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