Success Factor Expert Knowledge

Strong International Network

Strong network for innovative solutions

Whether opening up new international markets, rolling out a new product, improving processes in the supply chain or commissioning new sites - Arvato Supply Chain Solutions can draw on a large pool of experts for the design and rapid implementation of challenging customer projects. For this purpose, individual teams of experts from different areas of expertise, the respective industries and countries are put together according to the customer's task, who develop and implement future-proof solutions nationally and internationally with concentrated know-how.

The agile teams of qualified specialists design and implement innovative solutions across countries that are precisely tailored to the needs of customers. To this end, the leading e-commerce and supply chain partner combines expert knowledge from various departments with the in-depth sector and industry know-how of the Arvato network in individual project teams. Depending on the requirements, colleagues from Logistics Engineering, the new Digital Unit, IT, the Trade & Compliance team or Transport Management then work together with industry experts from the respective industry segments and representatives of the countries involved from the Arvato network to develop the right solution together with the customer. Once the concept is in place, the projects are then implemented in the specified time by specially composed project teams. This not only takes place in direct exchange on site, but can also be controlled virtually or completely remotely.

In the meantime, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions can already look back on numerous international projects that have been successfully implemented in various industries. In the healthcare sector, for example, a new automation project was created at the Memphis site during the Corona pandemic. There, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is responsible for the entire logistics and distribution in the USA for one of the world's leading medical technology companies. For this purpose, the site had to be expanded by 10,000 square meters of warehouse space and a modern AutoStore system with 50,000 bin locations had to be installed as the core of the warehouse automation system. A powerful competence team was put together for this major project, drawing on the expertise of the Logistics Engineering department in terms of site analysis, logistics design of warehouses and automation technology, among other things. In addition, healthcare experts, IT specialists and other employees from Germany, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands contributed their know-how from the implementation of similar large-scale projects in the sense of best-practice solutions. However, due to the Corona restrictions, the team could not be on site as usual, but was integrated into the project virtually. This was a major challenge, but one that was quickly overcome thanks to the team's in-depth experience from other AutoStore projects and their combined expertise. It is common for team members to change during the course of a project in line with the task at hand. However, this in no way detracts from the quality of the work, but always brings new ideas and progress. Numerous standards and tools such as SharePoint and Jira, which have been developed in recent years specifically for project work, ensure the necessary transparency. Every employee can view the information directly and quickly familiarize themselves with it. This significantly accelerates the implementation of customer orders.

Busy before the "Go Live"

Project work generally also includes meetings in various constellations, where processes and procedures are sometimes run through, checked, redefined and tested in practice several times a day. The project work benefits from the fact that everyone in the team contributes experience and expertise from specific areas, thus ensuring a very wide range of expertise. The team receives a great deal of support from the Arvato network, which is integrated into the project. For example, colleagues from IT, the Trade & Compliance team, Transport Management as well as Sales/BD and Purchasing provide support.

On go-live day, the months of planning and preparation pay off: That's when the first real orders come in, deliveries start, and daily processes get rolling. How things are going and whether all processes are working according to plan can be seen after just a few days. If everything works, the hypercare phase begins and the final handover to the account manager is prepared. In the Business Process Document, important information (e.g. KPIs, SLAs, etc.), processes and responsibilities are recorded and the document is finally handed over to the responsible account manager. This is the moment when the team of experts then says goodbye and disperses again to devote itself to new projects in a new constellation.