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Internationalization Strategy

Scalable Infrastructures Worldwide

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has defined the continuous expansion of its international presence as part of its corporate strategy. With the emergence of new operational hubs and projects with new, internationally active customers as well as current existing customers, the implementation of this goal is progressing very well. The benefits are clear: Arvato customers can make use of a network that gives them quick access to new markets and supports and promotes their growth plans through scalable infrastructures. This not only ensures rapid availability, but also a high degree of flexibility to respond to growth spurts or changes in regional demand.

In order to be able to increasingly offer its customers global services in the future, Arvato intends to continuously expand its international presence. A global standard is to be offered that guarantees a consistently high service quality of all services from a single source - across all locations and regions.

1,758,203 sqm

Warehouse Space


Locations worldwide

> 1.1 Bil.

Shipments per year

Warehouse Landsberg: Time lapse construction phase

Global growth

To support the growth of our customers appropriately, we regularly increase our storage capacities. For example, a completely new module has been built at our Landsberg location within a very short time, which perfectly supports the constantly increasing volumes of our customers there.

Warehouse Landsberg

New Global Locations since 2016



32,000 m2
New warehouse space



9,700 m2
New warehouse space


  • Close to the market
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility

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