Challenges and chances of internationalization

In an interview, Berthold Reinke, Vice President Global Business Development - Consumer Products, explains the challenges and opportunities associated with internationalization.

For retailers and manufacturers, logistics is a key success factor in online retail. What special challenge does internationalization bring with it in addition?

1. Market entry strategies such as direct-to-consumer, marketplaces or B2B2C should be closely examined before entering a new market. 

2. Retailers and manufacturers may also be distracted by other IT infrastructure challenges. These topics include order tracking, billing in local currencies, communication, and marketplace integration, to name a few.

3. Managing taxes & duties internationally is probably the biggest challenge. To overcome this, the client needs the right advice and tailor-made solutions.

Customer demands for delivery quality, speed and also ease of returns processing are continuously increasing and a smooth process is a purchase decision criterion - whether I am buying from a shop for the first time or repeatedly.

How does the opportunity of internationalisation become a success?

The right product is only the first step towards successful internationalization. What makes a product desirable in 2022 is the "customer experience". For the best possible sales success, retailers and manufacturers should offer the same benefits that the end customer is used to in their home markets. Managing the customer experience globally relies on a combination of technology, strategy and resources to improve the online customer journey. Only then, with positive perceptions of your company in the eyes of customers, your product can become competitive in a new market and you can eventually become a success story.

Berthold Reinke | Vice President Global Business Development - Consumer Products

How do we at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions support our customers on their way to international markets such as the UK, USA and Italy?

We simplify internationalization for retailers and manufacturers, by that we take care of the supply chain, IT infrastructure, and consulting services. Our clients benefit from this by being able to concentrate on their business growth while we handle everything else. 

Berthold Reinke

Another advantage of working with Arvato is that we are present in major markets such as the UK, USA and Italy. This means that not only you can talk to us in your home markets (e.g. Germany) but we also have experts and supply chains in your target markets who will help you establish your footprint. 

Thus, we provide our clients with all relevant functionalities for an international and successful business model for their internationalisation strategy from a single source. Basically, we offer an all-round carefree package for seamless transitions at all critical points of the logistics and digitalisation process.

We are your strategic partner right from the start

Globalization or internationalization strategies begin with our country-specific deep dives. A company must fully understand what the full impact of expansion to a new market will be before expanding internationally. Due to economic, cultural, governmental, and market conditions, each market is unique and therefore, it is very important to develop a business plan and strategy that is tailored to the local market and that is integrated with the overall corporate strategy and objectives for our clients. One of the things that makes us unique in the market is that we are there for our clients from the very start of the internationalization process, so they can develop their plans openly. Not only they would get support at home but our local teams - who have provided these deep dives - are just an email or phone call away to answer their questions.

Country Deep-Dives

Find out more about the international specifics of a wide variety of country markets.

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Berthold Reinke

Vice President Global Business Development - Consumer Products