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Compliance – Financial Services

When engaging in international trade, global companies must take into account a number of different regulations that not only vary by country but are also subject to considerable “innovation cycles.” This makes it crucial to regularly reconcile the product portfolio to comply with legal frameworks. In addition, companies need to take into account new bank requirements regarding the projectability of cash flows, the company’s capital structure and risk transparency. 

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    Many Laws, One Solution

    Arvato Supply Chain Solutions knows what it is doing when it comes to complex legal situations and ensures compliance with all international trade and customs regulations and smooth management of the papers needed for transporting goods across borders. Because lists of international sanctions hinge on political decisions and are frequently subject to change, we have all our customers’ orders reviewed by a software partner with knowledge of the respective region and that has been approved by the customs authorities. The same is true when it comes to safely and securely handling hazardous goods and materials. As a matter of course, we comply with all safety regulations and keep in constant contact with local authorities, international service providers as well as carriers of different kinds of transport. Our own hazardous materials department currently serves more than 130 customers at approximately 40 locations throughout Europe and the United States, shipping hazardous goods of all kinds worldwide by road, sea and air.

    Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has been awarded a number of different licenses and independent certifications as a reliable, legally compliant partner.

    Licenses and certifications

    • AEO Customs Certificate
    • AEO Security Certificate
    • PCI compliant
    • ISO 9001 certified

    Optimized Payment Flow

    During the order-to-cash process, companies not only need to take into account the complex legal landscape, they also need to manage international cash flow. That is why Arvato Supply Chain Solutions offers the option of taking charge of all financial transactions: linking and reconciling different payment types; customer, bank account and cash flow management; chargebacks in case of payment objections by customers; returns processing; and even debt collection. Because we offer modular services, our customers are free to decide for themselves what level of service is right for them.


    Dennis Schmitz- Vice President Finance & Financial Services at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions answers the most important questions in this context.

    Dennis Schmitz- Vice President Finance & Financial Services at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

    1.      When did Arvato Supply Chain Solutions start offering payment services, and what do these services comprise?

    We have been offering financial services for around 15 years – now available in more than 100 countries, B2B and B2C-business. We currently work from three locations with some 200 staff on behalf of around 100 customers with an annual transaction volume of about 15 million euros, where we process payments of more than 3 billion euros per year. Our B2B location in Gütersloh is ISO 9001 certified and PCI compliant following SSAE18, the other sites are PCI-compliant, too, which is important for credit card payments in particular.

    In addition to accounting and payment processing, our financial services include Fraud Management for our clients in the B2C environment, a service for identifying fraud intentions in end customer orders in online trading.

    Our core markets are Europe and North America. However, we are of course able to find other solutions for different countries. We either have local representatives there or are able to recommend reliable partners.

    2.      Does Arvato Supply Chain Solutions only offer financial services as integrated services?

    We are part of the Supply Chain Solutions set of building blocks and so we only spring into action if a customer purchases logistical solutions from us and also needs the finances handled.

    We then offer standardized and low-priced financial services in both the order-to-cash (B2B) and fulfillment model (B2C), but of course we also try to serve specific customer requirements; Everything in the interest of our customer!


    3.      What are the main benefits for the customers?

    Our key added value is that we can customize our services to meet a particular customer’s needs, especially when it comes to adapting to our customers’ own processes. We have dedicated and experienced project resources that work closely together with our customers, primarily using a consulting approach, to link processes, systems, etc., with each other.

    In addition, we work as a one-stop solution and are highly experienced in process structuring. We have many years of expertise in various markets and different configurations, as well as our project staff who develops the right solutions with our customers. Our employees have amassed experience over many years and have developed a huge range of services for an incredibly wide range of customers, which, in turn, has allowed them to add to their already in-depth expertise. In addition, cooperation within the Arvato group of companies is a key factor as this allows us to offer even more financial solutions such as risk management in online trading or collection services.


    4. What are the main challenges for financial or payment service provider?

    How can you ensure that all data flows are synchronous and consistent in a complex IT and process setup? That is actually a major challenge, technically speaking. If you do not manage to do that, it makes coordination difficult and you need to turn to manual processes that are prone to errors and should be avoided under audit aspects.

    Then, of course, there’s the fact that we are able to offer the right payment methods for each country – the payment methods that are most in demand – and that we are able to involve the right service provider.

    Everything depends on the customer’s setup. We have to pass our data on to our customers. So it’s primarily a matter of the interface between ourselves and the customer. Arvato is known for adjusting its services to suit customers’ needs and adapting its services to suit the customers’ system landscapes. But this requires highly experienced employees who know what they are doing when they work on these issues. This is how we are able to find and customize the best solutions for our customers.


    5. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions offers different payment methods (credit card, PayPal and local payment types). Where is there still potential for further development?

    We want to offer a modular kit from which our customers can choose the right solutions. In this way we simplify and accelerate processes and offer our customers a better overview of possible solutions. For this purpose, we want to continue to standardize and optimize our solutions in order to be able to offer as simple as possible interfaces as well as competitive prices.

    In terms of payment methods, we closely monitor the market and continuously analyze whether there are new payment methods or potential new Local Payment Heroes - as soon as these payment methods have relevant market coverage, we offer them as well.