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Compliance – Financial Services

Order-to-Cash becomes a USP

High efficiency in implementing order-to-cash processes has now become the unique selling point of successful companies - both nationally and internationally. In this way, they shorten their revenue cycle, increase their profitability and improve the satisfaction of their end customers. For Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, too, these strategic goals have top priority in the order-to-cash cycle. The basis for offering all services from a single source is a future-proof, SAP-based IT architecture that enables Arvato customers worldwide to quickly access new markets. For example, high-performance order management systems record and analyze all customer data from all channels in real time. Data management solutions keep all data up to date and thus form the basis for the right business decisions. The focus is always on the end customer, who expects ordering convenience and transparency at all times. Efficient order-to-cash is therefore increasingly becoming a decisive success factor for retailers - a challenge that Arvato solves together with its customers. 

Payment processing and customer service integrated

To enable customers to concentrate fully on their core business, cross-border management of payment flows is also an essential component of the international order-to-cash solutions. Centrally controlled systems enable Arvato Supply Chain Solutions to handle all financial transactions - from the connection and reconciliation of a wide variety of payment methods, through accounts receivable, bank account and cash flow management, chargebacks in the event of payment objections by customers and the reimbursement of returns, to debt collection. For maximum flexibility, the payment services are modular - customers can decide for themselves which level is right for them. In international online retailing, for example, it is crucial which payment methods the retailer offers its customers on sales platforms and in the web store. Taking country-specific features into account, Arvato takes into account the respective payment preferences and connects all common payment systems as well as local providers via a central payment infrastructure.

The order-to-cash offering is also complemented by comprehensive customer service solutions. They are geared to end customers and their needs and are flexible and scalable. This ensures maximum availability and comprehensive customer service at all times, even during seasonal peaks or the expansion of business activities. Customer service staff are employed at several international locations and handle end-customer inquiries in a total of eleven languages. They also have the necessary product or industry expertise and are familiar with the relevant national and international regulations.

When developing order-to-cash concepts, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions can draw on a unique portfolio of expert knowledge that has been developed across industries over many years. To this end, know-how from a wide variety of areas of expertise is combined with industry and country expertise. This enables Arvato to offer its customers order-to-cash solutions that no one else in the market can match. All services along the value chain are covered, including all distribution channels in the B2C and B2B business. From receipt of order to processing of invoice payment, numerous other processes such as logistics, warehousing, transport management and distribution, inventory management and returns processing are handled as part of order processing. This also includes ensuring that all international trade and customs regulations are met and that cross-border shipments of goods are managed smoothly with the necessary paperwork.

Industry Outlook

The international sale of goods is becoming increasingly important for companies. This is especially true for e-commerce, which is growing worldwide and whose sales are expected to increase to a total of around 4.61 trillion euros by 2025, according to forecasts by the data portal Statista. For brands and retailers, however, success in new online markets depends crucially on efficient logistics and fulfillment processes. After all, when a customer orders a product, the rest of the shopping experience must also be perfect. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions therefore supports brands and retailers with comprehensive order-to-cash solutions that cover all steps of the value chain, from ordering and warehousing to on-time delivery and smooth payment processing. The services from a single source enable a high level of service for end customers - an aspect that has long been just as important to retailers as price and product range.