Strong International Network

The Path to global Success

Hardly anything illustrates the importance of globalization as clearly as the development of cross-border trade in goods. An ever-increasing share of the goods produced worldwide is destined for export. According to Statista, the value of global exports increased a whopping 62 times between 1950 and 2020, while only decreasing in eight years. The slump in the last two years, caused by the Corona pandemic, was not as significant as feared; the WTO (World Trade Organization) is already forecasting global economic growth of around 6% again for 2021.

Against this background, foreign involvement is becoming increasingly important not only for large corporations, but also for medium-sized and small companies. Internationalization means much more than simply selling products and services abroad, because supply chains are also becoming more complex and more susceptible to disruption in parallel. It is not only the different trading and language conditions that can make day-to-day business more difficult. Country-specific legal requirements, political regulations, transport and customs regulations, as well as security requirements can require increased use of resources and greater effort for logistics management.

This is why companies need to know and analyze local requirements and compliance specifications in detail in advance of their projects in order to establish themselves successfully in foreign markets. This is where Arvato Supply Chain Solutions can provide effective support: We are familiar with the complex legal situations worldwide and have been supporting our customers in meeting country-specific requirements for many years.

A Strong Location Network

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions helps companies to internationalize their business activities and related services. In order to be able to provide optimum support, our worldwide network is being continuously expanded.

Efficient hubs

Booming e-commerce and the trend toward omnichannel solutions are also having an effect on the supply chains of companies operating worldwide. Customers make a purchase and expect delivery service that perfectly matches their needs. This leads to a corresponding increase in the demand for central logistics hubs with excellent links to the transportation and distribution networks. Meanwhile, it is important to organize not just the flow of goods but also the flow of data that is generated in the context of the value-added processes. Our services therefore include effective reporting in addition to secure and streamlined handling of the financial transactions along the supply chain.

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has continually expanded its international network. We are now present in 20 countries at more than 85 locations, where we perform logistics, fulfillment and warehousing processes for our customers along the entire order-to-cash cycle. 

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Challenges and chances of internationalization

Berthold Reinke, Vice President Global Business Development - Consumer Products at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, explains in the interview what challenges, but also what opportunities, go hand in hand with internationalization. In doing so, he addresses both the topic of customer experience and the support that Arvato Supply Chain Solutions can offer its customers in this area.

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Always on the Safe Side

Be it trade, tax or customs regulations – Arvato Supply Chain Solutions handles complex legal situations and offers standardized, robust and well-priced financial services in more than 100 countries worldwide as part of an order-to-cash model with payments totaling more than 3 billion euros a year for more than 100 customers.

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International E-Commerce

Poland: Hub for E-Commerce logistics

Online trade was given a further boost by the Corona pandemic. Poland in particular has benefited from this development to a certain extent, as the country offers all the prerequisites for e-commerce retailers to supply the Western and Eastern European markets from there, with a large supply of warehouse space, availability of personnel and a good transport infrastructure.

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Project Management

Expert teams strengthen the international network

To reduce the complexity of their logistics processes and services, more and more companies are using the services of experienced supply chain service providers. Experts and specialists take care of setting up new or optimizing existing processes.

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Cross-border E-commerce

Essential strategies, business models, and challenges of cross-border supply chains and fulfillment solutions for brands and retailers in one guide.

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Effects of economic sanctions

The Ukraine conflict also poses some restrictions for the logistics industry and customs in particular are facing new challenges. Learn more about the current situation from our experts.

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