Strong International Network

The Path to global Success

The growth of the cross-border trade in goods illustrates the importance of globalization more clearly than almost anything else. It isn’t just that an ever larger proportion of the goods produced worldwide is destined for export. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), real exports have risen an impressive 60 times between 1950 and 2016 and fallen in only six of those years. In 2015 alone, they rose by 1.3 percent — and that trend looks set to continue, given that the International Monetary Fund has forecast global growth of 3.9 percent for each of the next two years.

Against this background, a role in international markets is becoming increasingly important for not just large corporations but small and medium-sized companies too. Internationalization means much more than simply sales of products and services abroad, because at the same time, the supply chains are also becoming more complex and liable to break down. Day-to-day business can be impeded by a number of factors, and not just different languages or commercial conditions.

Country-specific legal requirements, political regulations, transportation and customs provisions, and safety requirements can all necessitate an increased use of resources and greater expenditures for logistics management. In advance of their projects, companies must therefore carefully scrutinize the local requirements and compliance rules in order to successfully become established in foreign markets. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions can provide effective support here. We are familiar with the complex legal conditions around the world and have been helping our customers fulfill country-specific requirements for many years.

A Strong Location Network

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions helps companies to internationalize their business activities and related services. In order to be able to provide optimum support, our worldwide network is being continuously expanded.

Efficient hubs

Booming e-commerce and the trend toward omnichannel solutions are also having an effect on the supply chains of companies operating worldwide. Customers make a purchase and expect delivery service that perfectly matches their needs. This leads to a corresponding increase in the demand for central logistics hubs with excellent links to the transportation and distribution networks. Meanwhile, it is important to organize not just the flow of goods but also the flow of data that is generated in the context of the value-added processes. Our services therefore include effective reporting in addition to secure and streamlined handling of the financial transactions along the supply chain.

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has continually expanded its international network. We are now present in 20 countries at more than 80 locations, where we perform logistics, fulfillment and warehousing processes for our customers along the entire order-to-cash cycle. 

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Always on the Safe Side

Be it trade, tax or customs regulations – Arvato Supply Chain Solutions handles complex legal situations and offers standardized, robust and well-priced financial services in more than 100 countries worldwide as part of an order-to-cash model with payments totaling more than 3 billion euros a year for more than 100 customers.

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Transport Management

Worldwide from one System

E-commerce and the trend toward omnichannel solutions are creating new challenges for supply chains worldwide. To meet all the expectations that online buyers have of delivery service, there is a growing demand for central logistics hubs with the best possible links to distribution networks and for efficient transport management.

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Project Management

Expert teams strengthen the international network

To reduce the complexity of their logistics processes and services, more and more companies are using the services of experienced supply chain service providers. Project teams of experts and specialists take care of setting up new or optimizing existing processes.

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