Faces of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

The road to Arvato

Sandrine Moreau works as Operations Manager at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions at the Chanteloup en Brie site in France. Originally from Limousin, a region in in the middle of France, the 40-year-old started her career at Arvato in 2017.

Through a traditional job offer, the ambitious Sandrine found her way to her current position as Operations Manager. Her decision to become a part of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is one that Sandrine would make again and again. When she saw the job description, she was immediately convinced. Before that, she had already worked as a business manager for a large sporting goods company, among other things.

The customer's needs always in view

Sandrine Moreau - Operations Manager


At Arvato, her daily working life is very diverse. For example, her main tasks include ensuring that business processes run smoothly and managing the operational staff. In addition, she always keeps an eye on ensuring that the wishes and needs of customers in the healthcare sector are fully met.

On a typical working day, the 40-year-old first checks whether all the staff are active in the right places and whether the necessary hardware and software is operating smoothly. In case of a malfunction, she must react quickly to maintain productivity. She therefore always maintains close contact with the respective team leaders and quality management.


Her team of about 40, consisting of team leaders, warehouse staff and employees from order preparation, helps her to do so. In order to fulfil the work according to the given standards, they follow the "Good Wholesale Distribution Practice" (GDP).

Sandrine likes the responsibility that comes with it best in her work. Every day, she strives to improve processes to satisfy customers.

Improving herself is also a constant motivation for Sandrine, so she recently successfully completed a management program at KEDGE Business School to broaden her qualifications and discover new ideas and approaches to her work.

Anything is possible

Sandrine Moreau
Operations Manager

Sandrine Moreau - Operations Manager

Sandrine can always count on her team. Thus, they have successfully mastered their biggest project to date - the changeover to a new SAP version - together.

"At Arvato I learned that nothing is impossible," says the 40-year-old operations manager, who enjoys reading and genealogy in her free time.

When new colleagues join her team, Sandrine first guides them through the entire warehouse. At the various workstations, the new colleague then gets to know all the important activities and is integrated into the team.

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