Faces of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Driven by challenges

Peterson Mata has been a member of the Arvato team for 14 years! Since 2008, the Brazilian from São Paulo has been working as Operations Supervisor in Hortolândia with a great deal of commitment and care to ensure that operational concerns are met in all areas agreed with customers.

Peterson Mata - Operations Supervisor

Peterson worked as a prepress assistant in a print shop in the immediate vicinity of the Arvato building. Initially he worked as a freelancer for Arvato and was soon hired as a prepress analyst. "My experience as a freelancer has shown me that Arvato is a great company with many growth opportunities, and I wanted to work for them. When I was hired as an analyst, it was the first time in my life that I could take on responsibility. And I wanted to take on this challenge," says Peterson about his beginnings at Arvato.

Today he leads a team of nine, knows all the processes in the warehouse and is familiar with all the internal and external guidelines and certifications, such as ISO: "We build on the good practices that some systems offer and challenge ourselves to get the best out of these systems and use them in our daily work".

Peterson describes his typical day at work as "full of little challenges. His tasks include analysing process feasibility or improvement. In addition, he is responsible for the distribution of tasks within his team. It is particularly important for Peterson not to lose sight of the overriding goals. He ensures that he works in accordance with guidelines and certifications and coordinates the internal requirements between the departments. "I like the many challenges that my work offers because they allow me to constantly learn," he adds.

Learning, learning, learning!

When the family man describes himself, respect, integrity and loyalty are the most important vocabulary. His strengths are above all his commitment, his motivation and his desire to learn more! "Working in logistics requires different solutions for the same purpose, because we have to adapt the processes to the needs of each customer. Above all, logical thinking and flexibility are important characteristics for working in my team," explains Peterson.

I like to be challenged, because I am always taken out of my comfort zone and thus develop myself further.

Peterson Mata
Operations Supervisor

He mentions two projects he has worked on as the greatest challenges of his career at Arvato. One was the implementation of a major customer, where he was responsible for completion, distribution and inventory planning. "That was a big challenge because there was a very dynamic demand and an enormous order volume. It was really difficult to keep track and coordinate everything at all times". But also the migration of the systems to a new SAP version in Brazil, where he was a key user for planning and production, challenged the 34-year-old: "For almost a year I had to learn something new every day, but at the same time I had to make decisions and implement them with the rest of the team. Of course, that was challenging.  But I prefer being confronted with new challenges every day and being able to help shape change rather than things stagnating for a long time".

What You Need to Bring as an Operations Supervisor!

  • Sense of responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Ambition

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