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Pascal Kretschmer had already worked at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in several positions for eight years when he decided to try something new at the end of 2016. But after less than a year, he returned to the company where he had started his professional career as a Sharepoint developer in 2008.

Pascal Kretschmer - Business Intelligence Competence Center Manager


Since May 2018, he has served as Business Intelligence Competence Center Manager at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions' High-Tech & Entertainment business unit, ensuring that requests for reports from internal and external customers are handled reliably and promptly. In doing so, he also benefits indirectly from his one-year stint at a different company. “Every experience advances you, even the negative ones. It taught me what I no longer want professionally and why Arvato is my first-choice employer. That alone made the switch worthwhile.”

Today, from his own base in Dublin, Ireland, the 34-year-old family man heads a team of seven business analysts who are based in the U.S., the Netherlands, Germany, and Ireland. Personal meetings are the exception and happen no more than once or twice a year. “However, our collaboration, which runs almost exclusively via electronic media, runs very smoothly,” says Pascal. This special organizational structure requires good communication skills, reliable processes, and a high degree of flexibility from all team members. “Due to the different time zones, for example, conference calls on Skype are often only possible in very narrow time windows or outside regular office hours” – which doesn't really bother the passionate tennis player. “I greatly enjoy my new job because I get in contact with many people and a wide variety of topics. Besides, in this position I can bring in my ideas very well and often implement them as well. For that, I'm willing to take a Skype call in the middle of the night every once in a while.”

Such exceptions aside, however, Pascal does have a “typical” workday. It usually begins with the checking of new requests that have accumulated overnight in his ticketing system. Of course, these have to be dealt with just as promptly as the emails that arrive during the day. However, most of the time is spent on meetings and calls that run throughout the day. “Communication is extremely important in my position. Fortunately, I like to talk to people and help others find solutions. As a BI manager, I'm in exactly the right place.”

In the future, Pascal would like to go beyond his workaday routine to further expand the services offered by his team. “For this we need colleagues who know their way around numbers, have good presentation skills, and an eye for detail.” These skills wouldn't have to be present right from the start, but could be acquired and expanded “on the job.” His tip for potential new Arvato colleagues: “Start at the base. Get to know the workflows and processes and gain some experience. Only when you have found your profession, take the next steps and develop yourself further. Then all doors will be open to you at Arvato.”

Every experience advances you, even the negative ones. It taught me what I no longer want professionally and why Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is my first-choice employer.

Pascal Kretschmer
Business Intelligence Competence Center Manager

What You Need to Bring as a Business Intelligence Manager!

  • Mastery of numbers
  • Presentation-skills

  • Attention to detail

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