Faces of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

From lifeguard to team leader

Paolo Pellegrinelli works as Service Delivery Team Leader at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in Italy. The industrial engineer from Dalmine, a village in the province of Bergamo in northern Italy, found his way to Arvato after graduating in December 2012. His professional experience until then was rather unrelated to his field of study- during his studies he worked as a salesman, math and physics teacher and as a lifeguard.

Both at work and privately, the 34-year-old has a certain motto for life. "I am a persistent person, both from a personal and a professional point of view. I'm not satisfied with little, I'm always on the lookout for improvement," he explains.

Paolo Pellegrinelli - Service Delivery Team Leader

Arvato right from the start

Paolo worked as a Key Account Manager for support and logistics at the Arvato site in Bergamo in 2013. After that, he took over the job as Service Delivery Team Leader in the healthcare sector at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in 2017. In April 2018, he became Key User before taking on his current position in the Consumer Products division in March 2019. His team consists of seven employees at the Arvato site Grassobbio near Bergamo. One of his main tasks is to monitor the individual processes as well as to guarantee and ensure the achievement of all goals within the scope of the Service Level Agreement. 

Paolo does not have the typical working day: "Around nine o'clock, the day in the office begins for me with a good cup of coffee," he smiles. First he checks the status of the requests from the previous evening and updates his task manager. The first priority is to manage the tasks, take important calls and solve any urgent problems that may arise.

Customers are always the first priority, followed immediately by Paolo's colleagues: every day he takes his time and devotes the necessary attention to his team in order to deal with the concerns of his employees, for example when an enquiry needs a special approach. There are, of course, clear workflows in his department: "We have specific procedures to cover most of the daily requests, but we are still constantly looking for process improvements and optimizations," emphasizes Paolo. The consumer goods market is fast-moving, which is why he expects his employees to be highly flexible, persevering, have analytical skills and a healthy stress management system.

I chose Arvato because I saw the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally.

Paolo Pellegrinelli
Service Delivery Team Leader

Technical terms and new processes are only one fraction of what Paolo learned in his more than six years at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions so far. To evaluate requests regarding the feasibility of solutions as well as the time and cost involved has become a daily task for Paolo - and he had to get used to it first. As Service Delivery Team Leader, you are faced with major challenges, but help is always close, which is why Paolo emphasizes: "It is possible to ask an experienced employee for help at any time. My advice is not to get tired, to learn new things."

Even more than six years after starting his professional career, Paolo does not regret choosing Arvato. In the future, he would like to learn different working methods of different Arvato teams from other countries and integrate them into his team's processes, which of course should come about through exchange. "I am also planning to create a strong and, above all, standardized work and organizational structure that other departments can take as an example," he adds.

Paolo also has some plans for his private life: "I think it's time to start my own family. As I said: always looking for improvement," he says, drinking his coffee and getting back to work.


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  • Highly flexible
  • Persevering
  • Analytical skills
  • Healthy stress management system

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