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Maurijn Hellenthal works as a Senior Logistics Engineer at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in Gennep in the Netherlands. Born in Nijmegen, a province in The Netherlands close to the German border, the 34-year-old started his Arvato career in Venray in 2014 before moving to Gennep.

Maurijn Hellenthal - Senior Logistics Engineer

From Warehouse Manager to Senior Engineer

In 2014, Maurijn worked as Warehouse Manager at the Arvato site in Venray, before taking over the position of Business Engineer in 2016 after two years. Since 2017, he has now been in action in his current position as Senior Logistics Engineer in Gennep, the Netherlands.

His main responsibilities include the warehouse design and the development of processes and flow and the related IT landscape that comes with that.

As project manager or part of the project team he is also involved in the concrete implementation of solutions for our customers. His latest focus within the AutoStore project is the implementation and further development of a unique automation system for a large customer in the cosmetics industry.

Every day is different

For Maurijn there is no typical working day. His professional life is influenced by the current projects on which he is working with his six-member team. "In general, I try to block the first and last hour of the day to work on mails, notes and meeting minutes," Maurijn says. The remaining hours are spent on detailed data analysis, meetings, planning and designing new solutions.

When I started at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, I saw the enormous growth potential and was eager to take on more responsibility.

Maurijn Hellenthal
Senior Logistics Engineer

What Maurijn likes best about his work is the responsibility he carries. Making decisions, implementing new or improved measures showing improved results is one of the points that motivate him. He has the freedom to organize his tasks in the way that suits him best. However, he has to ensure that the tasks and projects show success or are completed within a reasonable time frame. In their daily work Maurijn and his colleagues also take care that the developed solutions and results comply with the guidelines, rules, approvals and regulations of the respective customers, thus contributing to the development of individual solutions for our customers.

A successful start at Arvato

New colleagues quickly find their way into the team of Maurijn through the onboarding program. During the first week, new employees get everything they need for a successful start and information, as well as general information about Arvato Supply Chain Solutions and the Gennep site, to better understand the overall picture and their own role in the structure of the company. In addition to getting to know the entire team and department, the focus is of course still on familiarizing them with the day-to-day business. As a rule, a new colleague accompanies an experienced colleague during his first week. After the orientation period, the new colleague in Maurijn's team already starts his own projects and thus takes on more responsibility every day. 

"You are given a lot of freedom, but also responsibility, which is accompanied by a great deal of appreciation," explains Maurijn. Maurijn Hellenthal is also aiming high in his private life - the 34-year-old father of three has set his sights on climbing Kilimanjaro.

"I talk to my colleagues every day and I am always open to their feedback and suggestions. Because we've worked side by side for years and I know that I can totally rely on them. After all, we all have the same goal: to make our company successful."

Magdalena Nowak

Supervisor - Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

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  • Sense of responsibility
  • Customer- centric thinking

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