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Controller – Team-Player with focus on financial figures

Luca Nardiello, 28, coming from Trezzo Sull’adda, a city located between Bergamo and Milan, joined Arvato Supply Chain Solutions as Junior controller in November 2017 – right after his graduation in Business Administration, Professional and Managerial Accounting.

Luca Nardiello - Controller

“A job opportunity in a well-structured multinational company immediately caught my attention. Now, after a few years of work, I’m sure I have made the right decision. I would make it again”, says Luca about this. His main tasks are related to the management of economic and financial figures and their processing in forecasts, budget and business plans, cost control activities and other reports.

Generally controlling staff provides the management with the information it needs to make informed decisions. Then they help to put those decisions into action. In addition to good communication, rhetorical and also social skills, a controller needs assertiveness and perseverance. Mathematical skills as well as logical, but also entrepreneurial thinking (and acting) are basic requirements for successful controlling.

Luca likes to work in a team. “I am a quiet and balanced person”, he describes himself. He plays football and loves sport in general. The possibility to play a year as a professional soccer player, doing his first appearance against Trapani in Sicily, was a great experience for him! The sport helped him to increase his abilities to work in a team as well as other skills needed professionally.

I work in a very dynamic context and my role gives me the possibility to collaborate with all other teams and departments. For that reason, I really can say that every day is different from the previous one.

Luca Nardiello

In our Italian country-unit Luca currently is working in a four-member team reporting to the chief financial officer. Teamwork attitude is one of the most important skills he and his colleagues need. In constant contact with other departments and project groups his team receives multifarious input and information that must be managed by looking at the big picture. Last but not least, the controlling team has to be well organized to meet diverse financial deadlines. Luca adds to this: “Thinking about my role as Controller, I would say it’s a very interesting and challenging position. Supporting the management in their decision making process, involved in diverse activities and topics and always having an overall overview.”

What you need to bring as controller!

  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Communications skills
  • Perseverance

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