Faces of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

The Early Bird

At the tender age of ten, Johann Rudloff was already playing with Excel formulas on his computer and developing new functions based on those. After earning a degree in Business Informatics at the University of Münster, he turned his passion into his job and began his career as an iOS developer in the CIM division at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in 2011. Today he is a team leader in Software Development and cannot imagine a better workplace.

Johann Rudloff - Team Head Software Development


“I've wanted to work for Arvato ever since doing my internship here in my fifth semester, because the Group offers its employees a dynamic and flexible feeling despite its size. I liked that a lot, especially since the teams also worked together excellently. So I was really happy when I got hired straight away,” says Johann.

The 28-year-old worked for four years as a software developer, among other things on developing apps for Porsche. 

 In 2015 he was promoted to team leader in software development, where he now mainly focuses on server-side development.

Profession Made out of Passion

His projects include innovation topics such as virtual and augmented reality or blockchain in the automotive industry, as well as automotive IT projects. “This includes, for example, support for and further development of the Digital Service Assistant, a program developed by Arvato that intelligently links diagnostic and repair data and automated digital communication both in the repair process and with the vehicle user (details here),” says Johann, who can't complain of a lack of variety in his workday routine.

“Especially in our area, which deals with the development of mobile online services and shops as well as connected car solutions and services, we get very different and varied projects – and new ones are added every day”. He also helps project managers and colleagues in their daily work, for example when they have problems developing tools and are stuck. “Based on the best practices provided, I give pointers on what they can improve in their solutions. In the process, I often learn something new myself and realize that certain tasks can also work differently.”

Since 2015 Johann, who lives in Bielefeld, has been responsible for leading and coaching a team of eight. “The transition from developer to executive really wasn't easy for me. It meant I had to relinquish my responsibilities and focus much more being a team leader. That was difficult at first, but I have since learned to delegate work and trust my colleagues, so that they can work independently”. In his new position, Johann is also constantly challenged: “Given the few developers  we have at the company, we are not only constantly looking for new employees, but also have to shift our human resources back and forth between projects. This is often very strenuous for me as well as for the team. Reinforcements would really come in handy.”

I’m still learning, even as Team Head.

Johann Rudloff
Team Head Software Development

And what skillset should new colleagues have? “She or he should definitely be a team player and cooperative. In addition, the willingness to keep learning is very important. After all, we are constantly dealing with new technologies and our aim as innovation drivers is to further develop both our company and our customers.”  

Seven years after embarking on his professional career, Johann still has no regrets about choosing Arvato. “I work in a great team where everyone pulls together, and for a good employer who offers me many opportunities. But above all, it lets me make a profession of my passion.” His other great passion is music: Born in Thuringia, he has been playing in a punk band since 2013. Between work and hobby, there is little time left for other interests. Yet, there's one big wish Johann has yet to fulfill: “Someday, I'd like to see the northern lights in real life. But I'm sure I'll be able to manage that, too.”

What You Need to Bring as a Team Head Software Development!

  • Cooperativeness
  • Skill of trusting in others
  • Team Spirit

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