Faces of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Persistent and Cosmopolitan

Uncertainty about what comes next is part of Göksun Tan’s job. “What comes next is usually decided at rather short notice,” says the experienced project manager of the Arvato Supply Chain Solutions Design Team in Düren. This time, too, she has no idea where her job will take her once she completes her current assignment for an international high-tech company.

Göksun Tan - Project Manager


“Having already worked on projects in Europe, Asia and America, Australia would be an interesting place to work next,” she says with a grin. Despite or perhaps precisely because of these uncertainties, she still enjoys working in international project management after five years. “I don’t like routines, and always look forward to new and exciting tasks – of which there are plenty in project management.”


Göksun began her career in 2013 as a project assistant on a small project in Herzebrock/Germany, but after just six months was given her first project management assignment, for Richmond Cosmetics. The cosmetics client had commissioned Arvato Supply Chain Solutions to set up its European e-commerce network. “That was challenging, but also super exciting, of course, because we implemented a number of special processes. So I was able to learn a lot from this project and add it to my skillset.”

She has since been involved in seven different projects around the world, both as a project manager and as a team member. None of them have been the “ideal” project – one that she would want to settle down with. “But really that’s not possible anyway, since I like variety. So essentially, for me the ideal project is always the next project.” And what should the ideal project manager bring to the job? “Persistence, assertiveness and a keen interest in intercultural issues. After all, the idea is to unite everyone involved in a team working towards a shared goal, because only together we can succeed.”

Given the very time-intensive nature of her job and the amount of travel it involves, the time between project deployments is tight. “Mostly, I use up any remaining vacation days, because I want to take the time to gain some distance from the last job. I still find it difficult to say goodbye to a project, but I’m working on it.” Göksun balances her work with travel, sports and in nature, “as long as it’s something where I can keep moving.” She doesn’t know yet where she’ll be going on holiday after the current project ends. “I won’t start thinking about that until this project ends. After all, we still have quite a lot of work to do for our customer before then.”

I don’t like routines, and always look forward to new and exciting tasks – of which there are plenty in project management.

Göksun Tan
Project Manager

What You Need to Bring as a Project Manager!

  • Persistence
  • Assertiveness
  • Interest for intercultural topics

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