Faces of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Going from intern to project manager

Erich Berg was actually only looking for an interesting position for his internship semester, but it turned out to be more than that.
The business engineering student joined Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in 2016 and got to know the company in the Quality Assurance department.

He stayed with Arvato and wrote his bachelor's thesis in the operations department, which was to pay off later when he became project manager at the Harsewinkel site, where he was responsible for introducing an automated guided vehicle system. He has been working as a project manager in the operations area since September 2019. His main tasks include the organization and implementation of process changes and optimization - especially in the area of automation.


Erich Berg - Projectmanager Healthcare

A typical working day for the 26-year-old starts with running the visualization software and the control computer with which he can check the Automated Guided Vehicles system for bugs and make adjustments if necessary. Only in rare cases does Erich Berg sit at his desk for really long - most of the time he is out and about in the warehouse, working on process optimization.

In his team, autonomy is very important. Each colleague has his own projects and teams consisting of employees from the areas of operative logistic engineering and IT.

An important part of his work in the healthcare sector is the compliance with standards, both in process design and in project management. But what sounds like quiet regularity is entirely different in everyday life. "You never get the same project twice in a row, and I consider that very important," says Erich.

Although he would like to see a little more consistency every now and then in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, he has learned a lot, especially through the many different tasks and the exchange with others. Not only professionally but also personally, he has grown and learned to keep calm in stressful situations


The biggest challenge for Erich, who enjoys playing table tennis and wakeboarding in his spare time, was to get directly involved in a complex project such as the implementation of the automated guided vehicle system after university and to master it together with more experienced colleagues. However, this mixture of experienced and young colleagues in the team is also something that Erich regards as very positive. "You can also learn a lot yourself in exchange with others. It also gives us different perspectives on the same topic and it allows us to see the big picture much better.

Something he particularly values Arvato Supply Chain Solutions for as an employer is the family environment and the opportunity to be able to coordinate things through the short distance of official channels. "Everyone is there for each other and you don't have to be afraid to ask questions. On the contrary, this is highly appreciated, because it shows that you can deal with a problem and that you are a team player".

You should be flexible and have an open mind for new things, but you also need to be motivated at work to encourage your colleagues to do the same. Together you can achieve a lot here.

Erich Berg

For the future, he would like to further intensify the exchange with other locations within Germany, but also internationally, in order to learn more about other projects and to profitably disseminate his own findings within the company. In his private life, he also has international exchange in mind: The Harsewinkel native would like to go on a tour of South America in particular to get to know Peru better.

This is what you have to bring along as a project manager!

  • Flexibility
  • Sure Instinct
  • Empathy

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