Faces of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Personal Stroke of Luck

Erdal Saganak has found the perfect employer in Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, to whom he has been loyal for 18 years now. After starting as an order picker in the telecommunications sector in 2000, he was one of the first to move to the healthcare sector, where since 2012 he has managed a team with eleven employees as Team Leader for Warehouse/Restocking.

Erdal Saganak - Team Head Warehouse / Restocking


"How would I describe myself?" says Erdal. "Well, I've definitely got a good sense of humor, and I'm always up for a bit of fun." He's always been like that, he says, with a chuckle.

And although he doesn't leave his sense of humor at home when he goes to work, he is not only extremely flexible and can adapt immediately to any situation, but also extremely stress-resistant.  "I think I'm so resilient on the job, because I have mastered my job and know exactly what is required," explains the 41-year-old family man, who learned his trade from the ground up over the past 18 years.

When he joined Arvato in 2000, he began by picking and packing merchandise for delivery and dispatch and preparing them for transport with his co-workers in the Telecommunications division.  


From Order Picker to Team Head

In 2003, he moved to the Healthcare sector, where his tasks included ensuring a smooth flow of materials and where he also learned to ensure compliance with a variety of safety and quality standards while maximizing capacity utilization. "This enables me to stay cool and handle the stress calmly even in challenging situations, such as when customers suddenly change their plans." An important prerequisite when you serve 15 customers and are concurrently responsible for a team of eleven employees who clear goods in and out with their narrow-aisle and industrial trucks while also handling restocking. His employees always treat each other with respect, even in high-stress situations, and coordinate their actions - for example, when planning shifts. This is extremely important for Erdal, who as Team Leader Warehouse/Replenishment is responsible not only for the technical and disciplinary management of his employees, but also for in-house traffic at the site and the storage of highly sensitive pharmaceutical products.

He says there really is no such thing as a typical working day for him. "There are a lot of things you can plan in advance, but not the customers' wishes," says Erdal. "We're in the service business - so everything can change from one moment to the next." Accordingly, most of his time  is spent on monitoring, so as to anticipate bottlenecks and optimally time the processes. "So I know what to prioritize and can manage my team accordingly." That's why he's always on the move in the warehouse to see how the jobs can best be executed. In addition to constantly monitoring the day-to-day business, he also coordinates and supervises the journeys of the factory truck used on the main grounds and the two external warehouses. "Our daily work also involves external service providers, for example for storing packaging, or batteries at certain temperatures," explains Erdal. "I have to see what's needed the next day and coordinate the truck routes accordingly."

It was an absolute stroke of luck for me, one I would choose again at any time!

Erdal Saganak
Team Head Warehouse/Restocking

In addition to his job as team leader, he is one of five employees at the site who have undergone further training to become an aviation security officer. He is responsible for the exacting process of ensuring a secure supply chain so that all air freight reaches its recipients in compliance with regulations, on time, and in perfect condition. "A large part of my job is to monitor the smooth running of all processes in the highly sensitive air-cargo business and to ensure compliance with security measures," says Erdal, who knows that his employer may otherwise incur high costs. "This also involves checking whether the employees' reliability/background check is still valid. To ensure that the processes become second nature to the staff long term, he schedules the staff training and decides which colleagues participate in the training courses.

After 18 years, the wiry amateur soccer player, who kicks the ball around once a week as the goal keeper or a defending player on a men's veterans team, still loves working at Arvato and has never regretted his career decision. "It was an absolute stroke of luck for me, one I would choose again at any time!"

What You Need to Bring as an Employee in Logistics!

  • Coordination Ability
  • Collaborative Skills
  •  Resistance to Stress

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