Faces of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

"Jump and enjoy the journey"

Elena Boselli's career journey at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions began 16 years ago. Back then, it was a kind of bet with herself to develop a company with an exciting international background from scratch. Before that, she was able to gain a lot of experience at smaller companies in the Milan and Bergamo area. For the past year, the mother of two has now been team leader of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions' eight-person service delivery team in Italy.

"How would I describe myself?" asks Elena. "I'm passionate about what I do - whether it's work, hobbies or being with friends and family. I'm also hard to discourage - in difficult moments, a piece of chocolate and a smile can solve a lot."

The active Italian doesn't have a typical daily routine - every day presents her with new tasks and challenges to solve. In doing so, she follows Bertelsmann's guidelines, uses her common sense and adds her secret ingredient - a little Italian creativity.

Elena Boselli - Team Leader Service Delivery Team

The Service Delivery team serves twelve customers at two locations in four different warehouses.

There's a lot to do: "Lately, I don't need the gym to keep fit," laughs the 48-year-old. Nevertheless, she is always active in her spare time - she likes to read, go to concerts or enjoy walks with her dog. Standing still is not an option for Elena.

After 16 years at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, Elena was faced with a whole new set of challenges when the Corona pandemic began.

The region around Bergamo in Italy was particularly hard hit at the beginning of the crisis.

The order volumes were completely crazy, but with the best team in all of Italy, we managed even that together.

Elena Boselli
Team Leader Service Delivery Team

With a maximum of motivation, the team leader helped to ensure that activities in the warehouse never had to be stopped despite all the adversity.

Elena Boselli - Team Leader Service Delivery Team

What Elena particularly appreciates about her job is the interaction with many other parties, such as other departments, the couriers and customers. The Italian, on the other hand, could definitely do without the cold storage areas.

New employees are welcomed openly by Elena and her team. Not only are colleagues given intensive training, but getting to know each other privately is also an important part of the process. If a lockdown has not just been imposed, there is sometimes a welcome aperitif in the evening after work to integrate the new colleague perfectly into the team. "What tip would I give to newcomers? Just jump in at the deep end and enjoy the journey!" announces Elena with a laugh.

For her future, she hopes to be able to gather many exciting experiences and continue to throw herself into life with all her might.

What you have to bring along as team leader in the service delivery team sector!

  • Flexibility
  • Motivation
  • Coordination skills

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