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No Two Days are the Same

Anyone who makes a dedicated effort at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions will find many opportunities to live their profession successfully in the company. Dawn Norris started her career more than ten years ago as a purchasing assistant at Arvato Sonopress. Today, as Service Delivery Manager Hightech & Entertainment, she heads a team of nine employees at the Arvato site in Dublin, Ireland.

Dawn Norris - Service Delivery Manager


"I'm a determined person who cares about doing a good job. But without the support of the Arvato management team and the resulting opportunity to keep furthering my development, this path would not have been possible," says the 32-year-old Irish woman, who joined the company in 2007 after completing her Honour Degree in Supply Chain and Procurement in University . "At that time Arvato was still largely unknown in Ireland. This has changed completely, especially in recent years, partly due to the change in strategy. Today, people in Ireland know and appreciate Arvato as a multinational and innovative company."


Since her appointment to her current role in August 2017, Dawn has participated in several in-house career programs to prepare for new tasks.  Together with her team, they provide services to half a dozen leading companies in the IT industry. Their tasks include setting quarterly and annual financial, volume and quality targets, conducting monthly meetings, customer evaluations and service-level agreements, processing requests for quotations (RFQs) and selection procedures for potential software vendors and solutions (RFIs - requests for information) on behalf of the existing customer base, and managing the entire financial management process through to payment modalities and profitability calculations. "But I also intervene in unclear situations in customer contact, should de-escalation be necessary. Often it is already sufficient to create transparency for the customer and to tackle the problems openly. Usually we find a solution very quickly."

It is precisely this variety of tasks that the CrossFit enthusiast from Ireland likes about her job. "At Arvato, no two days are the same. It can happen that I start the day with a fixed appointment schedule, and the situation changes completely after a few minutes. "It's not for everyone, but I love the challenge." Dawn expects the same flexibility from her teammates, and from new employees who join the team after a two-week orientation program. "Our customers want tailor-made solutions. To meet this expectation, we have to be imaginative, motivated and flexible." She doesn't exclude herself from this requirement. "After more than ten years in procurement, I now have a completely different job, as a member of the Key Account Management team. After nearly a year in my new position, I too am still learning and working hard every day to successfully fulfill this new role. I’m focused on learning more about my clients daily and improving my management skills”.

At Arvato no two days are the same.

Dawn Norris
Service Delivery Manager

As a teenager, Dawn, for whom this year holds the personal highlight of the completion of own personal project of her house design and build, alongside all the professional challenges wanted to become a DJ (disc jockey). "Unfortunately, this fell through because there was no opportunity to learn the trade professionally in my relatively small hometown. So I got piano lessons, but that didn't really work out," she says with a smile. Today she is happy that her former career dream did not come true: "Arvato is a great company that offers a terrific working environment. So even after more than ten years with the company, I would choose Arvato again anytime."

What You Need to Bring as a Service Delivery Manager!

  • Motivation & Inventiveness
  • Management Skills
  • Flexibility

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