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Man of the First Hour

When Carsten Thiemt moved from the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg to the east westphalian Harsewinkel ten years ago, Arvato's healthcare business was still in its infancy. Today, this division is one of the company's major growth areas. The 47-year-old, now Vice President Quality Assurance, has accompanied this process from the very beginning.

Carsten Thiemt - Vice President Quality Assurance Healthcare


"When I was asked in 2008 whether I was interested in working at Arvato, I hardly knew the company. But I wanted to try something new. In this respect, the request came at exactly the right time. Today I am glad that I decided to take up this offer. After all, you don't get the opportunity to build up a business from the very beginning very often in your professional life," recalls the graduate pharmacist, who worked for AstraZeneca and Schering (now Bayer), among others, before moving to the company. 

Carsten and two other colleagues started the quality assurance project at the Harsewinkel site, which is still under construction. "At that time, the healthcare business was only just beginning, which means that we did not have by far the business volume of today. Three people were still enough to ensure the quality of medicines for health products during storage and shipping," smiles the native of Lower Saxony.

Today, the situation is completely different. In view of the enormous growth in recent years - more than 250 million products were delivered worldwide in 2018 alone - the number of employees in quality management has also increased significantly. Currently, 35 people work in his department in Harsewinkel. "We continue to ensure the implementation of all technical specifications, but now for the entire European quality management at a total of eleven locations in Europe. Of course, there is a lot more to be done than ten years ago."

High Quality is the Key to Success!

The team is colourfully mixed according to the diverse tasks: the former warehouse worker is just as much a part of it as the studied IT expert or the trained pharmacist. However, Carsten's demands on his employees are the same for everyone: "We have to work very precisely in our area, which means that the quality of our service must be very high. After all, when it comes to the distribution of medicines in individual cases, human lives depend on us adhering strictly to the regulations and implementing them correctly."

This quality awareness is also an important prerequisite for all colleagues who start their professional careers in the division. "New employees go through a thorough induction phase in which they not only pass through all departments, but also become familiar with our quality standards. Only then do they receive their specific tasks, which they can carry out independently. Of course, mistakes happen from time to time at the beginning. But as long as we learn from them and improve, this is an important step in the learning curve," says Carsten.

I'm always interested in learning something new. This ability led me to Arvato ten years ago. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Carsten Thiemt
Vice President Quality Assurance Healthcare - Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Keep on Learning

Despite many years with the company, there is no typical working day for the father of three. The only constant: the morning tea in the office before the start. This is followed by employee routines and appointments with customers, internal and external audits, the handling of contractual matters and the review of operational procedures and processes. For Carsten, who likes to swim and read in his spare time, the full day is no problem: "It's just this variety that I love about my job". 

And what comes next? "Our goal is to continue to grow and maintain the quality of our performance. At the same time, we want to continue offering our customers outstanding service in the future. This customer orientation is very important for me, who used to work on the customer side myself". Challenging tasks that optimist Carsten Thiemt confidently tackles. The same applies to his private project to improve his French this year. He has already privately subscribed to a French daily newspaper. But why this effort? "I'm always interested in learning something new. This ability led me to Arvato ten years ago. That was one of the best decisions of my life. So why should I change this principle?" 

What You Need to Bring as Vice President Quality Assurance!

  • Accuracy
  • High Quality Standards
  • Customer Orientation

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