Faces of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Looking for challenges

Carla Bianchi worked in the CRM business for eleven years before she joined Arvato. She is always looking for big challenges and new projects - an international environment is especially important to her. After seeing the job ad from Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, she immediately knew: "That's where I want to go!

She seized the opportunity and applied. She can now count more than twelve years with Arvato. Long before she became an active employee, Arvato was recommended to her as an attractive, trustworthy and special employer - which she can only confirm today. Then as now, she does not regret her decision in any way.

Changes are part of her everyday life

For Carla Bianchi, her daily work routine starts with answering incoming inquiries, updating report files and setting her agenda for the day. The fact that this regularly looks different does not bother her - on the contrary. "Changes in my daily work routine are part of my daily business and make it more interesting," she emphasizes.

The 45-year-old attaches particular importance to consultation and analysis in exchanges with other teams in order to achieve learning effects and exploit synergies.

Her team currently consists of just two people, but Carla Bianchi emphasizes: "In such a small team, I find it much easier to be flexible and to exchange information. It is much easier to find a compromise or a solution than if you have to go through long coordination processes in a large team".

Her tasks as quality manager at Arvato are very diverse. They range from quality monitoring and reporting to the introduction of new process descriptions.

An important part of her duties includes reviewing internal quality control systems, initiating process optimizations and conducting safety and hygiene training, which require special attention, especially in times of the corona pandemic.

With this wide range of tasks, it is of course essential that Carla structures her daily work independently and according to a plan. "Without structure and a plan, it is almost impossible to keep track. A planned approach not only makes my daily work much easier, it also saves time and money," explains Carla.  She and her team constantly work on existing processes, guidelines and workflows and regularly analyze their approach in retrospect. This allows us to learn from mistakes and avoid them in the future. And she always gives 100 percent: "One of my strengths is the passion I have for my work - and the ability to solve problems. I would also say that I am precise and determined," says Carla Bianchi.

Continuous optimization of her goals

It is fitting that the 45-year-old has made it her professional goal to always achieve the highest quality and the best possible standard for every process.

"First of all, to understand the business field correctly and to find the best quality target for everyone was one of the biggest challenges I had to master at the beginning", says Carla Bianchi. "Now I can fully concentrate on making us better every day.

I have learned a lot in my twelve years at Arvato, but perhaps the most important thing is working with colleagues from different countries.

Carla Bianchi
Quality Manager Consumer Products

She gives future colleagues good advice: "As a quality manager, you should work with passion, give your best, learn from mistakes and not be afraid to ask for help. Because only in this way will you be able to move forward in the long term".

What you have to bring along as quality manager in the consumer products sector!

  • Good with numbers
  • Detail-oriented work
  • Team spirit

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