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A Career from the Gut

After graduating in summer 2011, Beata Interewicz was only planning to visit a friend in Ireland. But at her insistence, the young Polish girl stayed on the Emerald Isle and successfully applied for a job at Arvato Ireland. A decision that the 32-year-old has never regretted to date.

Beata Interewicz - Service Delivery Officer

"It was an absolute gut decision and not planned at all. Still, it was exactly the right step, even though some people in my environment didn't understand it at all at first," recalls Beata.

In fact, the first weeks in a foreign environment were hard for the then 25-year-old. "I had very little self-confidence, knew hardly anyone, and missed my family and friends very much. But my colleagues at Arvato gave me a very friendly welcome, always encouraged me, and supported me wonderfully," says Beata of her first few months on the job.

 She never considered giving up. "Of course there were difficult moments. But I always try to see something positive even in problematic situations, and I usually succeed." And indeed, she received her first permanent contract after just one year and was deployed in direct customer contact from then on. 

"Dealing with people is definitely one of my strengths - and I was able to make good use of this skill then, especially as I received a great deal of support and training from Arvato."


From Ireland to the Netherlands

After a brief assignment in Birmingham, England, she was given the chance to move to Venlo in the Netherlands in 2017, as part of the project team for a major high-tech customer. The assignment, originally scheduled for the short term, was soon extended due to her excellent performance. Since January 2018, Beata has worked as a Service Delivery Officer for the customer’s Dubai branch, compiling the required inventory, financial management, optimization potential, and controlling indicators on a daily basis with a colleague. "Every day we face new challenges in a wide variety of fields, which we have to solve swiftly and smoothly. But we get along great, are a well-rehearsed team and maintain a very good and transparent relationship with the customer. This facilitates a great many things and, most importantly, keeps the customer happy!" 

Dealing with people is definitely one of my strengths - and I was able to make good use of this skill then, especially as I received a great deal of support and training from Arvato.

Beata Interewicz
Service Delivery Officer

For others who wish to start their professional career at Arvato, Beata has an important tip: "Set yourself realistic goals, but always have a clear view of your own weaknesses. Work consistently on them and celebrate even the small successes." Although she has worked for Arvato for seven years now, Beata’s learning process continues every day. "During my time in Ireland, I only ever got to know and observe individual process steps. Here in the Netherlands, I can now see the connections that piece by piece form a larger whole." In this picture, however, she is still missing a small piece of the mosaic. "I'd love to meet the team in Dubai. Although we are in touch every day, we have never met in person. It would be great if the opportunity arose."

The move from Ireland to the Netherlands wasn't just a great step forward for Beata on the professional front. She has found her personal happiness here as well. An avid sportswoman in her free time, she learned the Dutch language in just a few months, and  will be getting married soon. She bought the house where the young couple will live back in December 2017. "After so many moves and changes, I feel I've arrived now, and am ready to put down some roots. But one never really knows what the future will bring, as I've experienced first-hand often enough over the past few years."

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  • Ambition
  • Flexibility
  • Team Spirit

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