Customer Centricity

Intelligent Linking of Data

Digitalization has brought fundamental change to consumer purchasing behavior. To focus more sharply on consumers and their needs, collecting data on their behavior, interests and wishes is increasingly important for manufacturers and retailers. For this reason, implementing the customer-specific solution strategies of customer-centric retailing plays a key role at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions. They move consumers to the focus of entrepreneurial activity, increasing their loyalty at the same time.

Companies have never had as much data available as they do today. But most of them do not tap this potential. Intelligently linking data sources and analyzing the information on a situation-specific basis can yield valuable knowledge that manufacturers and retailers can use to react optimally to the developments in the market.

Ultimately, end customers’ increasingly complex expectations and competition that is becoming tougher require them to be more customer-centric than ever before.

B2B companies in particular currently have a lot of ground to make up, as the market research company Lünendonk found out in 2018 in its study "Integrated Digital Customer Experience Services in Germany". While one in two B2C companies surveyed stated that they already had a holistic view of the customer, only 24 percent in the B2B sector consider themselves to be "well" to "very well" positioned. The B2C companies are also further ahead in terms of customer-centric orientation. While 42 percent of them state that they have modern customer interfaces, this figure is only 24 percent for B2B companies.

Traditionally, the point of sale is the key area where companies obtain information about their end customers. However, logistics partners can significantly expand this data pool with information from the entire supply chain. This can include data on production quantities, key figures from inventory and transport management or the development of the number of returns. The more detailed the data a company can use to "decode" its customers, the more accurate and sophisticated its forecasting models will be, which ultimately help to improve the customer experience.


Customer Centric Operating Models

Customer Centricity is more than just a buzzword. Rather, it is a corporate strategy that permeates the entire organization and consistently places the customer at the center of all services, processes, products and touchpoints. Philipp Wengenroth from the agency Friends of C. and Michael Absolon, Vice President Digital at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, explain the background.

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Customer Loyalty as a Data Source

Own customer data is becoming more and more essential for the success of a company. Only those who understand their customers and their exact needs can place them at the centre of entrepreneurial action with the appropriate measures.

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Optimization of the Customer Experience

Whether Same-Day-Delivery, Ship-from-Store or Track and Trace - when traditional success drivers such as price and assortment are no longer sufficient to inspire the consumer, service in transport and delivery becomes more and more important. The customer experience is increasingly influenced by factors such as product availability, return conditions and reliable delivery.

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The “Google of the Supply Chain”

An interview with Prof. Dr. Christian Kille, Professor of Retail Logistics and Operations Management at the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences, about digitization in retail and the associated challenges and opportunities for companies and service providers.

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Customer Centric Retailing

As a logistics and fulfillment partner, Arvato consistently pursues a customer-centric retailing approach. "Happy consumers also make our clients more satisfied. That's why basically everything we do must be geared to the end customer," says Michael Peters, Vice President Business Development of the Consumer Products division of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, in a nutshell.

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