Protection of the employees

Our measures to contain the Corona virus

While we maintain our global supply chains, the health of all our employees is of course our most important responsibility.

 We have taken numerous initiatives and developed a comprehensive catalogue of protective measures to reduce the risk of the corona virus spreading at our sites to an absolute minimum.

Wherever possible, our colleagues around the world work from the home office. However, this is not possible, especially with colleagues from the distribution centres who work in order picking, for example.

"Since we cannot separate the operative employees spatially, as is the case with the commercial employees via home office regulations, we separate over time. This means that we are currently working in a two-shift model so that we have fewer people on the operative floor at the same time," explains Fabian Generotzky about the current shift model at the Harsewinkel site.

"There is a break between shifts to keep employees separated from each other even during shift changes. This pause is also used to achieve a higher air exchange rate with the help of the ventilation and air conditioning units. During the shift changeover, the air is completely exchanged 2-3 times. At the end of each shift, each workstation is cleaned with disinfectant wipes before leaving the workplace. Employees with external contact, such as the incoming and outgoing goods areas with contacts to the drivers, were equipped with protective masks. Furthermore, each employee was given a bottle of hand disinfectant."

Similar measures were taken at all our logistics locations worldwide.

In the Asian region, where the situation has largely returned to normal after an interim reduction in logistics processes, temperature checks are carried out before entering the workplace to prevent sick employees from entering the site at all. The wearing of protective masks is mandatory in these countries anyway.

Overall, we are paying more attention to ensuring that shifts and breaks are strictly separated in order to reduce contact between our employees as much as possible. At the picking stations, we are careful to observe the distance rules and have even increased the distances between the individual work stations. In close cooperation with the local health authorities at the respective locations, we have also stepped up hygiene measures far beyond the specifications, such as regular disinfection of workplaces and sanitary facilities, and are continuously and extensively sensitizing our employees to comply with all rules and hygiene instructions.

In this way, we want to offer the highest possible level of protection for those whose work is currently particularly important.

Our colleagues in the logistics operations are making an invaluable contribution to maintaining our business in the current situation. They therefore deserve our special thanks and appreciation.

Frank Schirrmeister
CEO Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

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