The Healthcare business unit provides support for crisis management

The pandemic is pushing many health systems across Europe to their limits and beyond. While in Germany the measures taken have flattened the infection curve, countries such as Italy, Spain and France are much more affected. We are using our strong international network to provide the best possible support in overcoming the crisis.
In doing so, our colleagues are also responding to short-term "calls for help". In cooperation with a customer from the medical technology industry, for example, we were able to supply a hospital in France with important products. In just one day, the entire process - from receipt of the order, through order picking and packaging, to shipping - was completed. Urgently needed material was delivered by courier service from our site in Gennep in the Netherlands to the hospital in Mulhouse in the east of France. We were also named as an official partner by the British government to assist as a healthcare provider in the Corona crisis.
"In the area of pharmaceutical delivery, we are currently experiencing a significant increase in volume," explains Fabian Generotzky, Director Operations at the Harsewinkel site, from where Arvato Supply Chain Solutions serves customers in the healthcare and corporate information management industries. "For all items needed in hospitals to perform operations, delivery volumes are declining because plannable operations are currently being postponed to keep resources in the healthcare system free for potential corona cases. On the other hand, we are dealing with significantly higher medical technology quantities in areas from which we deliver protective clothing and consumables for inpatient care".

In times of Corona we all face unprecedented challenges. This gives a whole new meaning to our services, especially in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Thorsten Winkelmann
President Healthcare at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

In order to be able to handle the increased volumes, cooperation is also taking place across business units. "The site in Harsewinkel is a multi-user site across two divisions," explains Fabian Generotzky. "In addition to the healthcare industry, the logistics operations of the Corporate Information Management (CIM) division are also located on campus. In the current situation, CIM has suffered a significant drop in volume, which is why we have transferred employees from the picking areas from CIM to Healthcare in order to be able to handle the increased volume and at the same time keep the employees on the job".
(Read here an in-depth interview with Fabian Generotzky about the impact of the Corona crisis on the healthcare sector and the measures taken by Arvato Supply Chain Solutions)

"Every day, our customer service teams do an incredible job of taking orders so that medicines and medical technology can continue to leave the warehouse as quickly as possible," says Dr. Thorsten Winkelmann, President of the Healthcare business unit.  "Many people - ourselves and our customers - are now realizing once again in a completely different way what an important role we play as a logistics service provider for a functioning healthcare system - in the crisis and elsewhere.

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