Corona Virus

Standing together against the crisis

The current effects of the COVID19 pandemic are affecting companies from all industries worldwide. As a diversified supply chain management company, with a widely ramified international customer base from a wide range of industries, we see the implications above all in the varying order volumes of our customers. In some areas, for example, we are recording sharply falling volumes, while in other business areas we are seeing significantly rising amounts.

"Customers in the beauty industry segment have recorded a significant increase in volume since the beginning of the corona crisis - and a sharp drop in order numbers from the high level of recent weeks does not seem likely for the time being," explains Julia Börs, President of the Consumer Products business unit. "With most of our fashion customers we have initially observed a reduction in volumes. However, since beginning of april, incoming orders have not only stabilized, but are growing significantly. Reasons for this include marketing and discount campaigns by our customers, who are trying to compensate for the loss of retail sales revenues via the online channel as much as possible".

But it is not only in the consumer products industry that the needs of customers are currently changing dramatically.  "In the area of pharmaceutical delivery, we are currently experiencing a considerable increase in volume," explains Fabian Generotzky, Director Operations at the Harsewinkel site, from where Arvato Supply Chain Solutions serves customers in the healthcare and corporate information management sectors. We are dealing with significantly higher medical technology volumes in areas from which we deliver protective clothing and consumables for inpatient care.

Arvato is actively supporting the people who are "on the front line" fighting the coronavirus, in Europe as well as in America. “We are proud to assist our long-term partners by fulfilling laptops, computers, face masks and other crucial items that hospitals and point of care centers desperately require to combat this pandemic. The amount of gratitude we have received from our partners and frontline workers has been humbling,” explains Mitat Aydindag, Managing Director of North America and Brazil. We are honored to hold such a crucial role in the supply chains that are delivering critical products during the crisis.

The current challenge for supply chain companies is, among other things, to keep the volume slumps on the one hand and the rapidly increasing online volumes on the other hand in balance and to continue to provide reliable deliveries. Through our global network, experienced teams and highly committed employees, we work together to ensure that all orders continue to be fulfilled and customers receive their goods on time.

Tireless commitment in times of crisis

f.l. Dr. Thorsten Winkelmann, Stephan Schierke, Julia Börs, Andreas Barth

A "thank you" has never been more important than in times of the Corona crisis.

Our Presidents would like to thank all employees, whether in the home office or in the warehouse, for their tireless efforts, for their great attitude and outstanding team spirit, which enables us to continue to provide first-class services to our customers in times of Corona and to maintain the supply chains for even vital items.

Our colleagues in the warehouse operations make an invaluable contribution to maintaining our business in the current situation. They therefore deserve our special thanks and appreciation.

Frank Schirrmeister
CEO at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

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