Supply Chain Security: Camera-Technology for more Safety

There aren’t any general solutions that are right for every industry and every customer. But Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is convinced that every process step can be improved through innovative solutions to guarantee a secure supply chain overall and a corresponding added value for its customers.

The company has the appropriate know-how. At its location in Düren, for instance, Arvato analyzed the packaging process for a leading global photo and imaging company and developed the first solution in Europe to use cameras installed above the packing stations to document whether each shipment is complete and contains the right contents in the right packaging.

Chief among the benefits of camera technology is that it makes it possible to track items in the supply chain and uncover sources of error, such as packages with the wrong content or insufficient quantities.. This cuts down on costs and helps us when dealing with possible customer complaints. In its current state, the camera solution is limited to tracking individual packages. There are plans to include entire pallets, however. In this case, the pallet shipments will be packed in separate zones, with the camera installed above the pallet to document the loading of the carrier. 

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Ecosystem for targeted innovation management

Für die Entwicklung innovativer Lösungen und Technologien hat Arvato Supply Chain Solutions ein Eco-System geschaffen, mit dem der Prozess von For the development of innovative solutions and technologies, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has created an ecosystem that systematically covers the whole process, from the generation of ideas to the implementation of a project.

Priority is given here to actively involving customers in this process in the interest of realizing projects together that are tailored to their individual needs. Work is now underway on an innovative solution that can be used during the distribution process to determine the localization status of high-quality goods in close to real time. In the pilot phase currently underway, packages or pallets are equipped with sensors that supply us with relevant geolocation data and information about the condition of the package via a web-based tracking system.

Based on parameters like temperature, air humidity or incident light, for example, we can tell whether a package has fallen or is damaged. This real-time supply-chain event management makes it possible for Arvato Supply Chain Solutions to identify anomalies very quickly and initiate countermeasures. In a further step toward increased supply-chain security, a tracker in the package could also immediately detect whether the package is opened before its anticipated delivery date — and, if so, transmit a warning message to the sender.