Automation at the Halle/Landsberg-Site

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions’ multi-stage pilot project to automate its sites has started with its logistics center in Landsberg near Halle. First, an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is taking over the waste disposal. As it happens, that’s not a small task. Between eight and ten tonnes of film and cardboard waste accumulates there each day, which equates to the volume of about 250 large waste containers.

Previously, employees had to cover around 15.5 kilometers every day to make sure this waste was properly disposed of. This task is now carried out by four self-driving vehicles that transport the containers with the recycling material to the disposal station.

The autonomous forklift trucks can move around freely and are navigated by laser technology using a floor plan stored in their system. For this purpose, the site has been set up with cylindrical reflectors on the walls, shelves and pillars along the transport routes. These serve as navigation points that are recognized by a laser scanner on the vehicle. This allows the autopilot system to be controlled with millimeter-level accuracy.

In the second phase, in which three more Automated Guided Vehicles are installed, the ERP at the site will also be connected. After completion of the interfaces, the first live tests were carried out - now all planned processes are to be gradually switched on. On the one hand, this involves clearing the incoming goods areas and, on the other hand, storing and retrieving consumables and cardboards in a smaller high-rack area using a push mast truck ("Hightower") at a height of up to ten metres.


Project Supports Arvato Supply Chain Solutions Strategy

The DTS was not intended to replace employees, however. Instead, it is supposed to create room for activities that add value. This both increases the efficiency of the site and minimizes costs. Following the use of the DTS in waste disposal, the next step this year is to automate the clearance of incoming goods.

Then, in phase three, arrangements will be made for the storage and retrieval of goods from high-bay racks with a total of about 20,000 storage spaces. For this, the site will add new DTS that are equipped with a camera system to ensure clear identification of the carriers and the transport orders.

In addition, work is already underway on the systematic integration of the autopilot system into the internal SAP system, which is necessary for the implementation of more automation in the future. As it carries out these projects, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions can draw on a high level of IT expertise.

After all, the division is already developing innovative digital solutions for the entire supply chain, from procurement to billing. It is with these solutions that the ever-increasing demands of customers in terms of transparency, delivery and quality and the desire for individualized products, services and added value are met.

The Arvato-Site in Halle/Landsberg

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