On the way to operational excellence

Automation and robotics are becoming increasingly important with the digital change in logistics. Complex fulfillment processes, the interlocking of all channels in the Omnichannel business, high peak volumes, increasing delivery speeds and ever more individual customer requirements set limits to manual execution.

Recurring and constant processes such as the storage and transfer of goods or order picking can often be handled more efficiently in an automated way.

For us, automation is an essential pillar of our comprehensive digitization strategy and an important step on the road to operational excellence.

Automation solutions that significantly improve efficiency

Unique solution for dangerous goods handling

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has developed a unique concept for an AutoStore system in which dangerous goods storage has been integrated for the first time. Learn more about how this solution was implemented in just nine months.

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Highly dynamic shuttle system boosts capacities

The VVA is expanding its capacity in the area of automatically ad hoc available article bins from 25,000 to over 60,000 places. At the heart of the expansion is a so-called highly dynamic shuttle system in the new, 21-metre-high extension to the high-bay warehouse. At the same time, the number of goods-to-person picking stations will be increased by 60 percent.

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Automated Guided Vehicles in Harsewinkel

In the 31,000 square metre distribution hall of the Healthcare Business Unit, six autonomous vehicles take care of all ground-level pallet transport. They independently drive to warehouses, incoming and outgoing goods as well as the disposal area of the waste containers, open gates and independently put pallet conveyor systems into operation. Find out here how the smart vehicles take warehouse processes to a new level.

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Data glasses: Pick-by-Vision

Data glasses as wearables are part of a technology that is increasingly becoming a trend in logistics: augmented reality (AR).

In cooperation with technology partner Picavi, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has already taken the next step and successfully launched the innovation project "Pick-by-Vision" for Sennheiser at the Gütersloh site. 

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E-Commerce Hub for Online-Retailers

The state-of-the-art logistics center in inter-municipal Industrial Park Dorsten/Marl, which has 60,000 square meters of floor space with three building modules in its first expansion phase, is specifically designed to meet the current and future requirements of online retailing in both B2B and B2C transactions.

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Supply Chain Security: Camera-Technology for more Safety

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is convinced that every process step can be improved through innovative solutions to guarantee a secure supply chain overall and a corresponding added value for its customers

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Warehouse automation with AGV solutions

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has started a multi-stage pilot project to automate its logistics center in Landsberg near Halle. In a first step, a driverless transport system (AGV) took over production disposal, the second step is almost complete.

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