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Digitalization, internationalization, progressive automation – these and many other topics are driving logistics and supply chain management and changing the industry forever. In our focus topics we address current and future trends, and highlight action areas and potential. Our experts also provide insights into industry developments and elaborate on solutions.


Automation and robotics are becoming increasingly important with the digital change in logistics. Complex fulfillment processes, the integration of all channels in the Omnichannel business and individual customer wishes set limits to manual execution. Automated processes such as the storage and transfer of goods or order picking can often be handled more efficiently.

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Strong International Network

In order to successfully establish themselves in foreign markets, companies should know and analyse the local requirements and compliance specifications in advance of their projects. This is where Arvato Supply Chain Solutions can provide effective support.

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Peak Management

The structured and planned handling of order peaks and rapidly increasing shipping volumes is extremely important in Arvato Supply Chain Solutions' end-customer-oriented industries. Sustainable peak management therefore does not only consist of the ability to set up and implement complex processes...

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Digitization of the Supply Chain

Companies with an innovative digital supply chain management strategy can respond 25 percent faster to changes in market demand and achieve up to 110 percent higher margins. As a supply chain company with a high level of IT expertise, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions initiated the change from traditional physical to digital value chains at an early stage.

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Choosing omni-channel is a challenge: logistics, IT, marketing and people are all customer-centric. A carefully designed omni-channel approach helps meet consumer expectations for brand awareness and service across all channels.

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Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity is more than just a buzzword. Behind this is a corporate strategy that permeates the entire organization and places the customer consistently at the center of all services, processes, products and touchpoints. In particular, the evaluation of data plays a central role.

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