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Today’s consumers are accustomed to having omnichannel offers that provide the desired brand and shopping experience, fast and around the clock (customer centricity). For commerce and manufacturers, however, this often still presents a challenge. Arvato supports its customers with omnichannel solutions that are flexible and quick to implement for consumers or B2B customers. Besides product, customer and marketing information, inventory analyses are also provided for every channel. 

With cross-channel, real-time data transparency concerning your B2B and B2C inventories, we ensure powerful logistics across multiple channels as well as cross-channel fulfillment. Not only does this guarantee a higher and faster rate of stock availability, it also increases the efficiency of the overall system – for example, by reducing the proportion of clearance sales and discounts.

Our omnichannel solutions have a modular structure and cover the full spectrum of services – from web shop development in the front-end, to custom logistic and fulfillment packages, to complete end-to-end solutions – for successful omnichannel management. 

This is made possible through our consistent IT structure – the core of which is a powerful, integrated order management system, which provides central access to warehouse inventories, product data, order processes, payment status and customer data. We aggregate user data for you from all channels and analyze the user behavior, providing you with valuable suggestions on how to further optimize individual channels.


Solutions Overview

  • E-commerce consulting 
  • Shop development including user experience design
  • Business intelligence: cross-channel collection of information and its analysis
  • Integration of efficient order management systems
  • Comprehensive customer service with designated contacts 
  • Financial services: credit and fraud management and the integration of different international payment methods
  • Suitable warehousing and cross-channel fulfillment solutions
  • Marketplace integration: linking your activities to the world’s leading B2C online marketplaces
  • Carrier-independent transport solutions including a powerful line-haul network with direct deliveries every day
  • Mapping of customer-friendly last-mile services (click & collect, same-day delivery, return in store, etc.)
  • Efficient solutions for returns, including reconditioning
  • Management of all international trade and customs regulations


  • Real-time access to all relevant process, inventory and customer data
  • Cross-channel fulfillment for the efficient flow of goods (e.g. ship from store, return in store)
  • Comprehensive, customer-centered sales model ensuring consumers a seamless shopping experience

Focus Topic Omnichannel

From innovative online webshops and mobile apps to personal voice assistants and the Internet of Things — in the digital age, personalized shopping experiences are available anytime on a large variety of platforms. To allow business enterprises to meet the increased demands of their customers, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions has developed omnichannel solutions that leave nothing to be desired for customers and consumers.

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Marketplace Study

Sales are booming in online marketplaces. But apparel manufacturers often worry that customers of their online outlets will increasingly migrate to the online marketplace, and that they will then lose direct access to their customers. To find out whether this fear is really justified, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions brought out the recent study “Marketplaces for Apparel Brands.”

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Focus Topic

Trends and success factors in e-commerce

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