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Smart IT Solutions for More Supply Chain Performance

Many companies want to provide their customers with a better range of services while at the same time reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Flexible, scalable and fast supply chains and e-commerce models play a big role here. Big Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), integrated IT solutions, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) or augmented reality offer supply chain managers completely new opportunities and options. As one of the world’s leading providers of supply chain and e-commerce services, we use IT and technology in a precisely targeted way to develop and deliver high-performance solutions.

We rely on a central IT infrastructure that lets us integrate numerous different systems and individual applications into our platform. This reduces the number of interfaces and facilitates an efficient supply chain as well as seamless processes along the order-to-cash cycle.

Going beyond this, we combine modern reporting with in-depth analytics. In this way, our clients gain valuable insights that make planning easier and help them better understand their clientele. This means that companies no longer just react, but can act proactively and with foresight. We use the same competencies to continuously optimize our own processes, whether in warehouse management, e-commerce, or returns management.

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions uses leading automation technology to enhance productivity, increase speed, and reduce costs. From cloud-based applications to innovative pick-robotics solutions, to augmented reality – we find, design, and implement the right technology for our clients’ requirements.


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04. March 2019

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